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Mikhail Bulgakov

Tolstoy’s house – a city within a city, and he, too, there is a place where legends and stories of old accumulate negative energy, which unites the whole mental illness at home in Rome in the cloaca Maxim’s draining sewage and filth of the city. On a bad apartment in Bulgakov’s Master and Margarita, wrote: “We must say that this apartment – 50 – has long enjoyed, if not bad, at least, a strange reputation. ” Bad “Bulgakov’s” apartment was number 50, seven rooms and was located on the fifth floor of a six-storey building. By Ironically evil forces bad “Tolstoy’s” apartment is number 60, eight rooms and is located on the sixth floor, oddly enough, also a six-storey building. Probably to the house was got bad apartment, it is necessary that he had just six floors. Since the construction of the house in it, as Bulgakov wrote, “began the devil knows what.” In one way or another resident of the accursed apartment necessarily occur incomprehensible to others metamorphosis: he becomes aggressive, arrogant, envious and malicious. To put it briefly, then turned into a “city of a Madman. His lumpen claims to aristocratic attitude of others provoked disgust and unwillingness to communicate.

His “sharikovskie” stories of “good education” is puzzling and the desire as little as possible in contact with such “obrazovantsem. As a rule, all the “education” next “Sharikova” during a difficult home life was manifested in numerous denunciations.

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