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National Property

Southern Energy will have three months to prepare this management plan of correction, given that national assets estimated that in a month will be able to report on the land on which should make the plantations, which will be controlled by Conaf. The Prosecutors, who requested the execution of the defendants, did not object to the agreement, while the lawyer prosecuting attorney of the State Defense Council Montti Carlo withdrew in late December to take part in the research. If the terms are not met, they will be able to initiate a trial against the accused acknowledged that measure the crime. “Firstly it has been shown that what happened in the area of Puerto Aysen was a serious wrongful, in which existing legislation has been infringed by a company who knowingly ignored the obligation to operate with plans approved forest management, thereby protecting the natural forest and the environment, “said Peter Hartmann to come out of the court. He added that “further demonstrated that both the Regional Conaf as the National Property SEREMI were not fulfilling the function of protecting the heritage of all Chileans at the first settlement with Austral Energy 2008, since today we have a reparative agreement that is many times higher than that approved in principle. Unfortunate that it was ultimately due to the action of the public who came to this result and not because public officials head to commit such services with their corresponding role as guarantors of the public Treasury. “Still and beyond This resolution, pending the decision of the Court of Appeals of Coyhaique in the sense of accepting or rejecting the admissibility of a complaint filed by environmental damage Codeff Aysen, which to invoke generate a new edge in terms of pursuing the ultimate responsibility for the company and its representatives in that act.

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