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Poi – the kind of juggling balls on ropes that hold in their hands and twisting in different directions, like juggling clubs. Originated from the tribe of Maoris, New Zealand (the word "poi" means in Maori "ball"). Maori women use this art for the development of flexibility of hands and wrists, the men – for the coordination and strength training. Over time, this art has become a traditional show, performed mainly by women. This is same as the traditional arts and waiata a ringa, haka and titi torea of Maori style Kapa haka. Modern poi is currently the art of poi took away from the original Maori culture. In juggling circles, was born a whole subculture of poi, which made torsion of poi in the hobby, training or show.

Poi are a form of juggling and poekruty stand alongside jugglers, Twister poles and the like. Training Almost everyone who starts training with poi, starting with a pair of training poi. They are usually made of something soft, so when training was not hurt. Usually start with the simplest of movements, gradually adding elements and creating a whole complex of elements for presentations. Most spinning poi to music – it allows you to keep good rhythm. Performances with poi Poekruty typically use brightly colored poi, handmade or purchased from online stores. Tape, colored fluorescent ink and color tips allow you to see beautiful shapes that create poystery in the air, and precision stunts. Variations poi there are plenty – from bright colored cones up to canvases tissue that torsional look like the wings of a dragon.

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