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Nontrivial Use Of Dry Ice

Did you know that dry ice (carbon dioxide, ordinary), can bring a lot of positive emotions in that case, if you know how to use them. 1. From the most ordinary soap can get a huge amount bubbles. And using dry ice, bubbles can be frozen and even hold in your hand. 2. Even with the help of dry ice can be arranged artillery firing range.

If you add dry ice in a plastic bottle with an ordinary water, and close the lid, the bottle will explode soon, making the very nonweak 'bubum'. The fact that evaporates, carbon dioxide is greatly increased in volume, which is why the pressure inside the sealed bottle will quickly grow. 3. For connoisseurs of beauty – small portions of dry ice is simply beautiful dissolve in water. Sometimes it's simply mesmerizing spectacle. And you can look at it very long.

4. If you think that carbon dioxide is used only for cooling ice cream – you are wrong. Company Inno3D cools personal computers with the help of dry ice! 5. Finally, a piece of dry ice can be a distraction to lure the mosquitoes – the insects will flock to him because Carbon dioxide is a product of respiration of all warm-blooded animals.

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