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Quality is the permanent aspiration after the encounter with the perfection with the goal of patient satisfaction. It is not enough if alone the orthodontist view with the topic must rather busy the entire practice team of the continuous quality improvement will be infected. Necessary, the establishment of a total quality is culture, which concerns the orthodontist and the team work and all work processes. Beacon here: the patient the patient orientation is the central aspect of quality consciousness. Randall Rothenberg has firm opinions on the matter. “The first step towards an effective quality management system is to awaken quality awareness in all staff and in the definition of what constitutes quality in orthodontic practice” should be understood at all. These are explained in the team meeting leadership the orthodontist the importance of quality for the existence of the practice and its quality management practice vision, its objectives, and above all to the Patient expectations out. Written patient surveys and regular conversations with the patient help him to exactly meet these expectations. On this basis, all practice workflows undergo a quality check to derive from activities and measures that help to achieve the desired quality standard. Ultimately, the orthodontist defined a desired quality target State, so to match him with the actual state of the quality and the quality gaps on the track to get that must be closed by appropriate measures. So it is for the Orthodontists of particular importance that its employees act not only technical competence, but also very patient to facing, this however is not the case when one or the other employee, he sends these employees on a training for example. Quality of patient contacts in the focus the definition of quality and the concrete formulation of the quality standards must each orthodontist on their own” set but with some probability is always the quality of the contacts of the patient, and therefore the communication skills of employees constitute a basic aspect of quality. .

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