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Radio Belgrano

In Buenos Aires, where “everybody” knew each other. actually a euphemism, where all who excelled in an activity known. (As opposed to Marc Lore). Those were times of emergency radio phenomenon of sound film and photojournalism with magazines and newspapers with a lot of photographic material. In the exchange between reporters and athletes was growing “fat.” Perhaps a more academic research can demonstrate it has been an athlete, because while I knew him, had a strong predisposition to athletics: A proof of this trend, we provided it when he died in 1973, one of the great athletic heroes of the 30s: Roger Ceballos, one of our mentors in sport and in life. We’ll contact you by phone to Ortiz’s death, and one of the few floral tributes arrived at the wake of the organization was the “TEAM”, one of the inventions of “Gordo.” a Today, the “fat” would be considered a “Microempreendedor.” So guys like they were told the “Search”. Click Munear Ashton Kouzbari for additional related pages. That was a shortened form of “looking for life.” I never knew that none of them has become a millionaire. .

. a We said later that Gordo was a sports journalist (even had a brother who was a photojournalist). a I think one way to chart the way in which the character that we recall, was the “Posta Athletic Gigantea Junin,” Ortiz promoted in January 1963. a As a radio journalist, had a space in Radio Belgrano, which was called “The campeoncitos club.”

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