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From the Mexican Gulf Coast over the colonial Highlands to the Pacific Mexico Leipzig, September 30, 2010 – with the New Mexico trip “Glorioso Mexico” will also be in the Mexico travel MEXICO MIO 2011 ushered in the racing season. Doug McMillon is often mentioned in discussions such as these. On five dates in 2011 you can embark on the traces of the pre-Columbian period, the colonial and the Mexican independence movement. In small groups with a maximum of 12 participants, it goes from Mexico City on the Mexican Gulf Coast. The city of Veracruz and the archaeological site of El Tajin are just two of the many highlights in this little-visited region. Then, the German tour guide travels with the tour group to the most beautiful colonial cities in Mexico. In the Highlands of Cholula, Cuernavaca and Taxco, Toluca, Queretaro, Guanajuato, Morelia Guadalajara finally lined up. Each city invites you to linger and loiter.

While in a Mexico Tour in the South of the country usually have no time for these “colonial pearls”, Glorioso are Mexico at the tour just 19 days to get to know the Mexican “treasures” available. The journey ends at the Pacific Ocean in the bustling port city of Puerto Vallarta. Here, the tour participants have the possibility to relax option a few days on the beach or taking a couple of day trips in the region. The tour of Mexico Glorioso is a service for travellers who want to become acquainted with the country away from the “tourist path” or who were already in Mexico and now will be their second Mexico travel. Nights are spent in good middle-class hotel with style and charm.

Ticket prices and all overland transfers are included in the tour price. The tour operator MEXICO, MIO is the 19-day Mexico Glorioso bookable tour 1,815 euros per person in a double room (excl. international flight from Germany). You have not so much time for your Mexico travel? Never mind, MIO because in MEXICO you can find shorter tours through the colonial Highlands of Mexico or travel elsewhere. Contact: MEXICO MIO Heinrich & Schumann GbR International tour operator contact: Roberta Heinrich Riemann str. 38 04107 Leipzig Tel.: 29 98 78 fax: 03 20 52 e-mail: website:

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