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Social Networks

Social media marketing has become an accepted part of the online, because of its ability to drive web traffic and entry to the sites links. However, short term effects can offset what are long-term and if a social media campaign does not end with a lot of external links that help with the classification of search engines, the final result can be disastrous. Marketing on social networks, has a direct effect on the positioning in search engines and motors, they are using social voting systems and trends of markers to determine quality sites. In an effort to open the eyes of the search and the marketing community to the importance of social media in the mix of online marketing online: current trends in Google and Yahoo! giving greater importance to sites or contents from the vote social media. Forms of search engines can use markers and the social news service to improve their results.

You should take measures and parameters for marketing your product through social networks, that will help you with your current and future search ranking. Statistics on search results even if your company does not use video files on YouTube or in other media to promote your brand or services, please note that the use of feedback as a classification algorithm may not always be limited to video. More and more sites are implementing user feedback as a form of feedback, communication and the construction of the community. Google could easily determine that the comments of the quality in the news or blog sites can make a difference in the search engine results, which is one more reason to get your readers to contribute. Social networks can bring traffic to your website, with able to assist search engines in multiple ways, for example: faster indexing in the sites. Deeper indexing: many pages of markers are deep in places and sometimes not as easily linked to others found through the navigation of the nonexistent site or links from external pages. Definition of quality: If someone takes the time to mark a site usually has a certain quality to it.

Measuring quality: Essentially if more users mark a page, will get more quality and recognition external Meta Data: recommended label everything with keywords and descriptions or sometimes add an honest and objective definition that has been created by the public. Co appointment: Social bookmarking sites tend to categorize pages based on the labels used to describe the site, so search algorithms can classify these as friendly sites. Furthermore by indexing search engines also can benefit from sharing social news sites to through: number of votes: equal to the number of favorites, while most votes received by a social network, the information becomes more useful. If the same page receives multiple votes through other social news voting sites, you will need one degree of quality. Categorization: Categorization can help define the theme of a site, so it will help address the search engine. Relevant sites: some social networks suggest pages and sites of relevance, chosen through stories that are popular in the pages categorised within the link or index tracking of blogs. Engines can learn from these projects to help users find alternative selections in your search results. Social networks have a direct effect on the ranking of search. These are some of the techniques and basic resources of social media marketing, I hope you have been helpful for tracking your social networks.

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