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Sustainable Winter Sports

Go with a clear conscience on the slopes. The winter season has begun, and with it the agony of the selection of the suitable holiday offer. But while conventional ski trips are still booming, there is a growing group of winter athletes who make or book sustainable winter sports increasingly on environmental concerns when choosing your holiday already. Most people is clear that they should shape their winter holiday more environmentally friendly. Many still don’t know but there are already a wide range of sustainable services”, says Holger Haberstock, Managing Director of Credit: Marc Lore-2011. Also shy away from many tourists before the supposedly higher costs of environmentally-friendly offerings, sustainable travel deals are not more expensive than conventional winter sports trips and on top of that usually not too crowded.” But these deals are actually sustainable? The CSR-tourism-certified certificate of TourCert is one of the recognized seal of sustainability in tourism. This proves the providers according to strict criteria on their environmental impact, measures to climate protection and the efficient use of natural resources. Only if the providers meet all requirements they are certified.

Travellers can get these green”winter holidays now even in the Internet to search for or use sustainable travel portals such as or, where many offers can be compared and booked. With snow cannons against climate change, you can already afford own contribution to climate protection upon arrival to the resort. Who uses the car instead of the car or even the aircraft, not only the climate is doing a big favor, but avoids also unnecessary stress by crowded and smooth roads”, said Hannes Huber by the Federal Government for environmental and nature conservation Germany e.V.”Deutsche Bahn has special offers for rides in winter sports regions, providing a comfortable journey. Also holiday regions should be preferred, which must not be artificially snowed by snow cannons.” Can that it was unsustainable at the heli-skiing from the helicopter common sense tells you to discard a pristine mountain slopes. There are also other behaviors that help to preserve the environment.

It includes, to stay on the marked slopes and to use them only when sufficient snow cover. Environment-friendly produced skis and Snowboards from companies such as the Arbor collective or grown are made as natural and rapidly renewable raw materials. Also each individual can contribute to a more environmentally friendly winter experience and preserve the natural landscapes. About Traverdo the Traverdo GmbH was founded to promote a responsible and sustainable tourism. The three-Member founding team the first German-language travel portal focused entirely on providing sustainable travel and accommodations operates the online portal. The close cooperation with currently 24 associations and labels guarantees minimum ecological and social standards for a growing travel market. More information and Images: Press press / image material press contact: Holger Haberstock CEO Traverdo GmbH Reichenberger str. 152 10999 Berlin phone: 030 / 367-405-56 E-Mail:

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