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SPORT When speaking of Olympic sports, we can not forget about swimming. This sport that combines various reactions and physical abilities became over the course of time, in one of the most colorful and important disciplines, as well as in one that delivers more medals. Swimming is a sport which, over recent years has experienced a dramatic breakthrough as a result of the increase, also amazing, the number of practitioners. According to many, swimming is one of the finest sports and more comprehensive than those practiced today. However, it is also one that requires greater sacrifices, willpower and dedication. The constant improvement of the swimmer and the titanic struggle between them that keep trying to overcome the records, give This second category sport Olympic sport behind athletics. There are several methods or techniques of swimming, as is the case: the crawl, the breaststroke, butterfly, dolphin style, back among others.Each technique is evaluated differentially, and thus, at the Olympic Games competing for a medal in every discipline. The way in which competitions are divided: 100 mts. and 200 mts. arms, back, styles, butterfly, 200 mts. individual medley, 400 mts. freestyle and individual medley (crawl, back, breaststroke and butterfly), 50 mts. freestyle, 10 km marathon, 4×100 relay and 4×200 freestyle and 4×100 individual medley. BEST ATLELTA When talking about swimming, is only necessary to nominate great athlete Michael Phelps Michael Fred Phelps (Baltimore, 30 June 1985) was presented at the 2000 Olympics in Sydney as the youngest male swimmer with 15 years of age.Although it won medals at the 2000 Olympic Games, Phelps suddenly became a man in swimming. In this excellent performance in the competition of this year already has five gold medals, is only two to beat the great athlete Mark Spitz could conquer s IETE gold in the 1972 Summer Olympics. To access the official site of Michael Phelps, here Excellent athlete information, here

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