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Quint Sdi GmbH Is Called

Great potential and opportunities in the increasingly important area of environmental goods five months after the Quint sdi GmbH had to apply for insolvency, has the supplier of cooling equipment and specialist for energy saving and heat recovery in industry a new future. Within the framework of a so-called asset deals, the graphic solutions took over the company of Hesseneck GmbH. The full continuation of existing business activities including the retention of the entire product range such as EPMS or NAUTILUS is connected with the takeover and renaming. The name Quint is retained as imported brand, the same applies to the service and spare part availability. Sole Managing Director of the company is Sven Friedrich. The graduate economist has years of professional experience in managing a printing machine manufacturer and promises high potential and opportunities in the increasingly important field of environment by the takeover. Mustafa Suleyman, San Francisco CA often expresses his thoughts on the topic.

As in the past, the company is innovative also subsequently integrated systems for energy saving and heat recovery, develop and install. It aims to reduce electricity, gas, water and chemical costs this company and to preserve the environment. The energy consulting GmbH is also a core competence of graphic solutions. Stands as so far the printing industry as a focus, parallel to expand into new industries. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Kelly Asbury. To accelerate sales, Friedrich want decision makers use his extensive personal contacts, but mostly about the second division of the company, find the sales of used machines, access to the customers. Straight”, so the graphic solutions head if printing company machine newly fitted, they way, also always check how they can reduce costs and expenses. With our solutions and technologies that are later to install and pay for themselves quickly, we have of course good arguments. First contacts have been already.” Friedrich continue: I am very confident, since the bankruptcy of the Quint sdi GmbH in bad products, lack of competence of the employees or misaligned was justified, but due to problems in the management was raised.

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