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When we mention a personal characteristic, we normally cite its more allegadas. In other words, it is difficult to talk about terms like love without joining the deep compassion, kindness and tenderness. Similarly, it is difficult to decouple the rigidity of her close companions intolerance, insecurity and the limitation. Do you remember? You, quite possibly enjoyed a distant time that feel especially alive. Curiosity, confidence and a franca and carefree joy kept you constantly awake and moving.

You thought you had on you, and there was nothing that was beyond your capabilities. But, quite possibly, the family, the education received, your parents and society showed you another reality in which those concepts had not accommodated. There began your stiffness, and with it the discontent and frustration. All those people that they have been and they are considered geniuses, it has been thanks to its daring face of the unknown. They went and discovered fields that others dared not tread.

He always go the same section, leaving us to carry by the misleading appearance of safety, leads to the loss of illusion and truncates any possibility of knowing and move forward. Rigidity needs a plan of life ruled by the lack of risks, challenges and adventure. But there is nothing more insecure and certainly unmistakable to having to comply with a life based on only external guarantees. A good life, a good car, two children and a high social position. Spontaneity as many times we use it is unconsciousness. A successful person is one that is responsible for your life, walking in the direction chosen under a previously studied plan, knowing that the organization is essential as a way of doing things, but not as an end in itself. When we talk about a well understood spontaneity, we talk about that kind of safety that comes from confidence in ourselves, our ability and the ability to solve everything what others stain problem and opportunity.

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