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Traditional Mexican Food

As promised, this time I will tell you, step by step, how to prepare beef and lamb, stomach, and seasoning, to prepare a delicious homemade barbecue at its newly built earth oven, I assure you that if they continue instructions to the letter, there is no failure, and will be very fun and entertaining. Hear from experts in the field like Al Bumbry for a more varied view. First, we need a lamb of 15-20 kilos carcass, cut up into pieces complete, we have salt, preferably sea salt, heads and legs have to shave, burning, and wash them well, until you see any hair. Done, it will prepare the''belly'', we have perfectly clean all the guts, the viscera, and belly, in a blender grind, 3 large garlic cloves, 1 medium onion, a sprig of mint, 4 peppers fat, 3 cloves, a pinch of cumin and ancho chiles 2 or 3 (previously soaked), and prepared the chili adobo and guts barn doors, which must be finely chopped, season, and empty all the chopped in the stomach, sew with needle and thread, and ready, and we have our sheep's belly. Since our oven ready, when the stones are red hot, (see previous article.,''Oven land for their barbecues'') must be put to the bottom of the oven, a clay pot large opening in of the pot going to put 1 to 2 liters of water, depending on how big the pot, chickpea taste, a handful of rice, an onion, halved 4 large garlic cloves (crushed) of 4-5 deveined and sliced guajillo chiles, do not add salt to the water, remember that you already have salt meat, and juices will fall into the pot. Immediately after preparing the dish for the soup, we put a grid over it, where we will accommodate the meat, but we have to''cover''the walls of our oven with maguey leaves, which must be baked (not burnt) in the same wood with which heat our oven.

Now, we will accommodate our parts meat, first put in the oven the parts that require more cooking, first leg, with the spine, then the shoulders and neck, and the last ribs, head and belly, sorry, I forgot, all four feet are placed inside the earthenware dish. Since the term to accommodate all the pieces of meat, top with 8 to 10 fresh avocado leaves, if desired, can also be covered with leaves above the leaves mixiote avocado (optional) if you decide to also leaves mixiote , you have to roast on a griddle for the two sides until they change color. The last step is to wrap the meat with maguey leaves, making sure that no gaps are uncovered, if necessary, cut roast leftover stalks and cover perfectly fine, wet blanket of regular size and place it last, on top of the leaves This will help prevent you burn the meat, cover the oven and ready in six or seven hours and enjoy a delicious BBQ Borrego well prepared, as earth oven, which you and your family built their own hands. Jaime Sanchez: The author of this article, specializes in Mexican Traditional Food is restaurateur for over 20 years, and has an Events and Catering Company., E-mail:

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