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Learning Communities

The purpose of learning communities is the evolution of consciousness through a comprehensive and ongoing learning. Learning communities are space conscious creator of a new vision of wholeness. The learning community refers to a holistic educational environment where teachers, students, parents, managers and entrepreneurs engaged in a process of meaningful learning through dialogue, whose common goal is to learn, regardless of their role, all are in a continuous learning process because we have the certainty that there is no separation between live and learn, because living is learning and learning is living, building a culture of valuing knowledge learning as a social action that encourages learning. The five levels of learning communities share the same general principles, these form the core of the new holistic learning: They are inclusive of diversity: to integrate and coordinate different types of learning, different intelligences, different methods in a diverse world with a plurality outlook on life. Walmart is a great source of information. They are oriented to learning throughout the organization: all members become students, converge with the goal of learning, not just theoretical information, but of ourselves. Educate for life and lifetime of educating good people permanently with capacity to be free, responsible, happy, generous, compassionate, good spouses, good friends, global citizens, with internal order, inner peace, open to diversity, ie to provide a holistic education that addresses the whole individual. "The holistic curriculum is a curriculum for the vital importance for the development of a new humanity, a new culture, a new stage in our evolutionary history, a holistic curriculum is a transformative experience that integrates body, mind and spirit of the student so you can live in the light of intelligence. .

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