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The History Of Festive Christmas Decorations

Christmas decorations, especially Christmas decorations for Christmas trees, has a tradition from the 18th century. At that time, only edible tree decorations, such as apples and selected wafers, baked or animal motifs existed, which were then painted in bright colors in the family. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Samuel “Sam” Mikulak. But Christmas decorations was not all pastries, but also from so-called candy, which were added in the 19th century, then by marzipan and candy canes. From this period also, the chains or self-manufactured pieces of cardboard or paper, which were both home with the families or as Christmas tree decorations made at that time in industry. There were many different motives, which often were not in reference to Christmas. There were motifs such as balloons, locomotives, carriages, toys, a tradition that even today is still valid. Christmas decorations made of glass was only in the middle of the 19th Century, produced mainly in Thuringia, the beginnings were here in Lauscha, from which was also exported to the USA shortly afterwards.

Only in the 20s Years has been manufactured Christmas tree ornaments in other regions, such as Poland, Bohemia and the U.S.. At the present time is the Christmas tree decorations made from many different materials, so there is still edible Christmas tree decorations, but also of wood, paper, cardboard, metal, gold, silver, and of course, made of glass. Many shapes and figures in the Christmas decorations have a special meaning: The green tree itself stands for fertility and immortality and still be green as the color of hope. Many Christmas tree balls or pieces of glass are inspired by the apple, the symbol of fertility and the memory of paradise incarnate. Stars are both a symbol that Jesus was born in a manger (straw stars), but also simultaneously a symbol of hope. Hearts are declarations of love, joy, vitality, pleasure, and of course, symbolize love.

Fish are always for water, life and fertility, and should also remember Jesus Christ. Nuts provide something mysterious hard-to-cracking in dar. Inside dark, you shine often outside in the golden glow. Gifts to remember the Magi, symbolizing their gifts and charity, and devotion. Bells for Christmas trees are for the good news, but have also cautionary in nature. Birds have very different meanings, so is the owl for wisdom and magic, as peace doves are birds, storks and children are lucky charms, as well as harbingers of spring. Peacock is said to have magical power and caged birds symbolize domesticity. Angels announce the birth of the Savior and are regarded as intermediaries between mankind and heaven. Trumpets for Christmas trees are to proclaim the good news.

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