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The Flower Parts

A flower is always a sign of natural beauty, which is liked by the vast majority of people, because who has not been captivated by the spectacular color and pleasant aromas that immediately transports the imagination to heavenly places, is so the beauty of this beautiful creation of nature that every day looking to know more about them, so in this article a brief description of which is a flower and the flower parts that make up the entire set of the same. Taking development as mentioned in the previous paragraph, it should be mentioned in the first instance that the flower is a branch that is modified, so the flower is the reproductive part of plants called flowering plants, so its role in reproduction, a flower is doing is to produce seeds through the parts of the flower called sexual organs and from this process of reproduction through flower seeds may ensure his presence for the future through a new generation. In the process of reproduction as that makes a flower is a process of fertilization through the flower parts that deal with sexual reproductive activity, which some parts of the flower is processed, resulting in a fruit, which contains the seeds for the birth of new flowers.

Turning to the flower parts that make up the whole of it, it is clear that the flowers are typically known angiosperms, from there to develop the information in the parts of the flower on the basis of this typical flower, after Such clarification may be said that the flower is made up of four whorls, or in a form more common four floors or levels of modified leaves, called antofilos well in these whorls may find the following parts of the flower. First we shall state the parts of a flower called sepals, which involve the rest of the leaves when they are in the first phase of growth, called bud stage, which often made the sepals are grouped so as to accommodate as a drink, Hence, the whole of these parts of the flower are called the calyx. Following parts of the flower, it gives way to the petals, which are brightly colored leaves, which function to attract pollinators, the sum of all these parts of the flower petals are called the corolla of the flower. Turning to another level of the parts of the flower are the stamens, which are leaves that are heavily modified that contains the male organs of the flower that are pollen sacs, the sum of these parts of the flower is called androecium. Finally in the flower parts are the upper leaves and are the carpels, the flower parts that carry the female reproductive organs called seminal primordia or eggs, from which, after fertilization process born of seed; carpels all called gynoecium..

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