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The current education promotes resignation to live with the problems forever. The emphasis of education is the information, which tomorrow will be obsolete, it makes creativity and imagination is more important than information. What to do? Because we live in an economy that is responsible to meet all our needs, it is essential that today's children will understand perfectly. Visit Paul McCracken for more clarity on the issue. The education system delayed that task for when the student is great, but we believe that children should be involved from an early age. Children today must engage in activities that will make tomorrow. Sean Rad has firm opinions on the matter.

Children who delay will make that task as employees, not entrepreneurs. The work we do in our kindergarten is that children ask their parents for a loan to make school a craft, they will sell it among their relatives, friends or neighbors. The children become familiar with the raw material, with the tools, the costs and the entire production process of a craft, thus appreciate the work and the most interesting is that they learn all this as a game, it makes it very fun. Once the product is sold, you pay the loan and the rest is saved to invest in the manufacture of other crafts for the same purpose. Most adults are reluctant to sales, many consider this activity as denigrating, but really all we sell our talent or our ability to obtain resources for survive as optimal as possible. Preschool children learn mainly through play, just as an economic activity of learning through play.

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