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The OMS (CONEN, 2001) considers that a person alone can be considered as dependent if its standard of consumption to present throughout last the twelve months, at least three of the following indicative: strong desire or compulsion to consume drugs, incapacity to control the use, been physiological of abstinence, tolerance, reduction of the autocrtica in relation to the environment, hour or reasons for the consumption of drugs, gradual recklessness of pleasures and other interests for the use of drugs, persistence in the use of drugs, although efforts badly succeeded in after abandoning it and return to the use of drugs periods of abstinence. Although the studies epidemiologists, in Brazil, are insufficient to portray the reality, they demonstrate that the problems related to the abuse and dependence of drugs reflect of direct form in the public health and demand politics come back toward action in the level of the promotion of the health, prevention and treatment of chemical dependents

. During years the questions related to the drugs in Brazil had been dealt with only with performances repressive policialesca and kept out of society form, not being distinguished as a question from public health. If you would like to know more then you should visit Salesforce. When a customer of the ESF searched treatment, comumente was interned in psychiatric referenciados by these teams with the delinquent stigma. The first legislation on drugs instituted in Brazil was through the law n 6,368 of 1976, having been in validity per 26 years. Also in 1976, the union created the National System Antidrogas? SISNAD, with the objective to establish, to articulate and to add the activities of the public field to prevent the improper use of drugs, to reduce the decurrent damages of this use, to treat and to reinserir the users and dependents of drugs and to subject its not authorized production and its illicit traffic, by means of politics public security..

HALL Nursing

To number twice to larger of men it is affected in relation you the women, although the women have to larger risk of developing hepatic disease induced by alcohol. The patients cirrhotic ploughs between 40 and 60 years old. In the state of So Paulo, the diseases of to liver ploughs the second causes of death among men from 35 you the 59 years and 10% of the marries of death ploughs due you alcoholic hepatic cirrhosis. This exertion university assignment intend you the deal with the actions of the nursing you the alcoholic hepatic cirrhosis patient and that objective was reached through the bibliographical research of method, which was accomplished through researches published in dissertations, articles published in scientific magazines, articles published in the Internet and adds old bibliographical collections. Concluded we would like you achieve the sensitization and understanding of the nursing team, on the importance of the nursing cares you the patient with alcoholic hepatic cirrhosis, looking will be an improvement in his to her service.

Key words: Assistance, nursing, cirrhosis, alcoholic. 1 ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY OF 1,1 LIVER CONCEPT OF the LIVER Being part of the digestorio system the liver is the biggest gland of the human body, can be said that it is a chemical plant that produces, stores, modifies and excreta an enormous involved substance number in the metabolism. In the normal adult man the liver represents 2.5% of the corporal weight and varies between 1.400 – 1,800 grams, depending on bitipo, while in the adult woman it varies between 1.300 – 1500 grams. To know more about this subject visit Interactive Advertising Bureau. Its relative weight is bigger in embryos and children, who can correspond 5.6% of the all up weight of an embryo of five gestacionais months, the 4 5% of the weight to the rising the term and 3% final year of the first year of life (GUYTON; HALL, 2008).


A HISTORICAL BRIEFING OF the ALFABETIZAO the pertaining to school model of alfabetizao, understood here as ' ' process of education and learning of the alphabetical system of escrita' ' , that is, the process of education and initial learning of reading and writing had been born have more than two centuries little, necessarily in 1789, in France, after the French Revolution. From now on, according to Barbosa (1990: 28) IN Amncio (2002: 32), the children are transformed into pupils, to learn to write if it overlaps to learn to read, to read now is learned writing? until this period, to read age a distinct and previous learning to write, understanding some years of instruction through individualizado education. Analyzing the evolution of the inquiry and the debate in relation to the pertaining to school alfabetizao in century XX, Amncio affirms that it is possible to define in general lines three periods, if relating only to the Ocidente? especially Europe and North America and of the South. The first period it corresponds approximately to the first half of the century, when the quarrel if gave strict in the land of education. Optimum method searched to teach to read, on the basis of the assumption of that the occurrence of failure if related with the use of inadequate methods.

The quarrel more candente was stopped enters the defenders of the Global Method and of the Phonetic Method. The Global or Analytical Method defended that optimum age to offer to the pupil the totality, that is, words, phrases or small texts, so that it made an analysis and arrived at the parts, that are the syllables and letters. In a question-answer forum Larry David was the first to reply. The Phonetic or Synthetic Method, in contrast, considered that the pupil had to learn first the letters or syllables, and the sound of the same ones, stops later arriving at the word or phrase.

Bio Body

The Corporal Composition understands for the fraccionamento of the corporal weight for its diverse components offering to us important information how much to the behavior of the pointers associates the physical growth and to the programs of weight control. The Evaluation of the Corporal Composition is of extreme importance in the measure where if it deals with a diagnosis on the nutricional state of the individual and thus it is obtained to choose which the best behaviors physician-nutricionais to submit. The weight excess is many times related with alterations of the metabolism of the individual and other illnesses as diabetes, arterial hipertenso and others. For even more opinions, read materials from Munear Ashton Kouzbari, Dallas TX. One human being can have weight more and not have no fat in excess (former.: athlete of Halterofilismo), as well as one human being can have little weight and have much fat and celulite (former. : lean, sedentary woman and with bad alimentary habits). The Analysis of the Corporal Composition by means of bio impedance is based on the conduction of a painless electric chain, of low intensity, applied to the organism by means of hardwired handles the electrode or conducting surfaces, that are placed in contact with the skin. Larry David gathered all the information. The impedance, given for the values of reactncia and resistance, is low in the fabric lean, where if they find, mainly, the intracellular liquids and electrolyte, and high in the fabric adiposo In personalized and adjusted the Bodyscience Clinics always are elaborated plain of Alimentary and Mannering Re-education to its corporal composition, historial physician and style of life. It is of vital importance the Analysis of the Corporal Composition for the method of the Bio impedance. A computorizado examination that allows to get with exactido, rapidity and simplicity: – all up weight of water of the body in liters; – percentage of weight of the water in relation to the weight of the body; – all up weight of lean mass in kilos – percentage of lean mass in relation to the weight of the body; – all up weight of fat in kilos; – percentage of fat in relation to weight of the body; – number of calories necessary to a diet to lose weight; – number of calories necessary to keep the weight of the steady body; – relation waist/anca. To study the composition of each individual is essential to evaluate the state of health of each individual.

Health Organization and Education

The obesidade happens in the first years of life, enters the 5 6 years and in the adolescence, it has grown enters the infantile public about 10% 40% in these last 10 years (WORLD-WIDE ORGANIZATION OF the HEALTH, 2010). The style of life of the society provoked innumerable changes in the habits of the population, thus, contributed directly for the growth of the obesidade, due to lack of good alimentary habits and the sedentarismo, involving ambient factors (familiar, pertaining to school and half scope where it lives), economic (purchasing power) and genetic. Practical the regular one of physical activity goes beyond the weight control, backwards great benefits, in such a way psychological, how much social physicist and, being called a esportiva medicine, assisting in the prevention and reversion of illnesses. ' ' The health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not only the absence of illness or enfermidade' ' (World-wide Organization of the Health, cited for Lewis, 1986, p.1100). The work will present some precursory illnesses of the obesidade, exercises recommended for the public obeso, next to the physical activity as quality of life and the paper of the professional of Physical Education to fight the same one. 1. OBESIDADE AND OBESIDADE MRBIDA the obesidade is an multifactorial chronic illness, where the alimentary ingestion is superior to the energy expense, I accumulate it occurs it of corporal fat. The called individual ' ' obeso' ' &#039 exceeds the corporal fat of the called individual; ' gordo' ' (that one that this above of its ideal weight), from the obesidade it can there unchain diverse illnesses, such as: cardiovascular, digestive, renais illnesses, diabetes, ortopdicos, hepticos problems among others. The evaluation of the obesidade can be made measuring the circumference of the waist or for the reason of the circumference of the waist and the hip and by means of the Index of corporal mass (IMC).

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