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Holistic Health

Also says he is seeking a balance that must exist between these two aspects and believes that the holistic view allows you to find the balance between the newest and the oldest, including the spiritual dimension of our inner selves and be instrumental dimension technique human. Be necessary to rethink our roots to distinguish what is valuable from what is not, we need to reevaluate and change combining tradition. In response, Atsuhiko, defines the perennial philosophy as the great value of the holistic perspective we can see that there will be lasting value, you can find the infinite value, universal, that can operate throughout the remainder of history. Leading him to believe that every culture originally came from a universal value. As the original or native Mexican culture his vision was based on a vision of unity.

His view on the world was very cosmological with ecological approach, harmonious and connected to nature with man, watched his reality invisible and had a very cosmological natural identity. Respecting the first principle to respect the individual, which was not in my opinion, since the conquest, so only way to regain the ancient Mexican travelers traspersonales the wisdom of the ancient holistic transpersonal real travelers were clarifying the distances between pre-and the trans, which had an awareness of emergency, a genuine transpersonal consciousness. Even if we differentiate Japan from Mexico for their degree of development there is a similarity in the history of universal cultural hub of origin leads us to recognize differences in different eras that have the same problem of development and Atsuhiko asks: Is it true we have to reach such a degree of individualism or a degree of American ego? He is told that in order to advance in this third way has started using a new concept, Transmodernity to differentiate the times we live in Holistic old and we started to live in the premodern, modern and postmodern and be clear where to go, a developmental stage focused on the genuine spirituality and the transpersonal principle adding Japan and Mexico to overcome the ego and the triumph of the spirit.

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