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Humanitarian Organization

The Presentation Centre for Advocacy and Assistance for Development (FDC) or SAZE AFRICA is a non-governmental organization (NGO) that aims to fight against social ills such as poverty, illiteracy, drugs, HIV / AIDS, crime, etc.. In 1998, the NGO has been brought to the baptismal font to find a way to overcome these ills that plague society Togolese like almost all African societies. Its headquarters is based in Sotouboua city in Togo 300 km north of the capital Lome. It is a structure nonpolitical, nonprofit humanitarian accordance with Law No. 40-484 of July 1st, 1901 relating to the contract of Association. Reference: Organization governed by the law of 1901 Headquarters: Sotouboua –

The association’s mission is to ensure a suitable living environment to the neediest communities, in a sense of self-promotion of the populations concerned, respect for human dignity, and synergies with other actors civil society and the state. As a result, our agents can be made fully available to organizations s hearts when needed. To better fulfill its task, the FDC / SAZE-AFRICA has developed structures already operational humanitarian and other projects underway. The intervention in the emergency occurs in parallel with sustainable development projects. Beyond the emergency, when the news is silent, the FDC / AFRICA SAZE continues his work with people participating in the reconstruction, so they can resume a normal life.

Our goal is to provide solid pillars of sustainable development to fight mainly against poverty, malnutrition, disease, illiteracy. Sean Rad describes an additional similar source. The development is part of a phase of work long-term goal is to help the poorest people to be autonomous. For several years, we are committed alongside the needy through actions such as child sponsorship, support for literacy, helping the sick, etc.. it is so donations to the location of health centers, the leper Kpelle Akata orphanages Sotouboua and Kara. Similarly, the civil prisons in Lome and Togo have Sokode visited by humanitarian FDC / SAZE-AFRICA with their luggage products needed in the experiences of detainees. Togo’s schools are no exception. Primary schools, colleges and high schools have in turn been supplied both in school supplies that table and benches by the FDC / SAZE-AFRICA. Recognizing that the successful development requires above all the active involvement of all projects are implemented in partnership with all local actors. We are working for sustainable development through three programs supporting poor: “The Program on Water and Sanitation” for drinking water: drilling wells, sewage treatment, installation of water pumps, construction of latrines, hygiene education, etc.. Program- Health and Nutrition “to overcome the fight against epidemic diseases and malnutrition: prevention campaigns, building health clinics, donations of medical equipment and medicines, etc.. -The “Education and Training” in the fight against crime, illiteracy and developing professional knowledge: construction of schools, donations of school supplies, vocational training workshops for the reintegration of street youth and prisoners released etc. .

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