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The Figure

Now, in what areas met the mission? The answer is related to their roles in life and the basic areas of existence, such as: faith, fitness, family, friends, finances, work and recreation. How does you in each of these areas? They are integrated? Principles associated with commitments: 6. Integrare all my life to achieve success. I keep all the vital areas of my life in balance? The success must be balanced. You may not consider a person successful only if your company runs of you wonder, but his family is a failure or your health is a disaster. We need to regain the balance in our lives.

This is achieved by integrating our life. Amid the pressures of modern society, it is a real challenge balancing our priorities. Our agendas are saturated and time us not surrender. It seems that we need 30-hour days. The key to balance our priorities lies in learning to integrate our life.

The figure of a puzzle Interestingly illustrates life. In some successful people people each one of the pieces fits into the place where it belongs. The image seen is a complete, integrated puzzle. This metaphor is equivalent to an integrated, full life and balance. But sometimes our lives resemble a puzzle to medium build, with many irrigated parts, without location. The image seen is that of an incomplete figure; a fragmented and without balance life. Success in life is balancing our priorities and learn to place them in order of importance. A fragmented life is a dysfunctional life and ineffective. If we do not integrate all areas of our life, we will live in incomplete form and with permanent dissatisfaction. Each of the areas of our life must be balanced and integrated: life spiritual relationship with God (faith), physical (health, recreation, rest), family (parenthood, marriage), work (business, profession), finance (stewardship, resource) and relationships (friendships, community participation, social service, interdependence in interpersonal relationships).

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