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Chronicle Bread

The pre-Columbian civilizations of Mesoamerica, used corn as their food base, like this modern society same region. NBA follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. The first Chronicles of the Indies, described to the tortilla as corn bread, even the first translation to the Spanish in the Chronicle of Lopez Francisco de Gomara’s the name of the city of Tlaxcala, was referred to as:…Tlaxcala, meaning baked bread or House of bread; because you take there more centli than the surroundings currently the toponymy of Tlaxcala, is referred to in the (nahuatl language: tlaxcalli tlan, place of tortilla). The tortillas are prepared based on nixtamalized corn, process in which grains of corn boiled in water boiling with a lime-based. This process makes corn take a soft consistency, which will convert the grains into a uniform mass of yellowish white, with which the tortillas will be prepared. Currently industrialized cornmeal is achieved and the process of industrial production of tortillas, has been upgraded to such an extent that there are machines that they produce up to 10,000 tortillas per hour. Cooking planks calls for the Mexican griddle heated by gas, electricity or firewood, where flip 2 to 3 to make its characteristic Golden. When they leave the griddle, placed in a basket called tazcal and are covered with a fabric called napkin so they retain their heat. The tortillas are distinguished by the way in which they are prepared and filling, giving rise to different Mexican dishes.

The so-called tacos (soft, stuffed and rolled up); flutes (when fried); Burritos (when the filling is meat or vegetables); Quesadillas (tortillas stuffed with fries); tostadas (fried totillas, crispy stuffed with strips of meat, chicken, fish, cheese dashes); Enchiladas (buttered tomato sauce, rolled stuffed tortillas); totopos internationally called doritos (tortilla chips fried and crispy dipping sauce, beans or guacamole), also used to prepare the chalaquiles. An Interestingly is that the, especially the flour tortillas, has been part of the diet of astronauts for space missions, preferred over the toasted bread, by the amount of crumbs that the latter leaves float on the inside of the ship. The recipe of the week is the salad Mexican Chile with meat that the tortilla is key ingredient. Until soon friends.

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