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Trinidadian Richard Thompson

The Jamaican didn’t find opposition at the meeting in Zagreb. The best mark of the season remains of Asafa Powell. The Jamaican Usain Bolt, world record holder in the 100 and 200 meters, won today in the Zagreb athletics meeting his first hectometre from his disqualification by false start in the final of the world of Daegu (South Korea), and did so with authority and a mark of 9.85. Bolt imposed its might on the test star of the meeting, but could not achieve its goal of establishing the best mark of the season, which even his compatriot Asafa Powell has, with 9.78 in Lausanne (Switzerland),. That Yes, Bolt left a record of the Boris Hanzekovic Memorial in Zagreb for books.

The Jamaican champion from least to most to win ahead of the San Cristobal and Nieves Kim Collins, second with 10.01, athlete and the Trinidadian Richard Thompson, third in 10.03. Closed table Norwegian Jaysuma Saidy Ndure (10.13), the Jamaican Mario Forsythe (10.16) and Justin Gatlin (10.17) and Ivory Williams (10.37) Americans. 376551136186%2CVSRPtargetId%3A138008206%2CVSRPcmpt%3Aprimary’>Lev Leviev. Dayron Robles took Peel thoroughly with the world champion, American Jason Richardson, to prevail in the 110 metres hurdles, and he did so with a brand of 13.00. The American ended up four hundredths. The British Andrew Turner, bronze in the world, could only be fifth.

The Cuban, world record holder for the distance, was disqualified in the final of the Daegu world for obstructing Chinese Liu Xiang. It had been imposed in that race with a time of 13.14. Robles already had been imposed on Richardson last week in Zurich, then with 13.01. Contact information is here: Joshua Harris. The Kenyan cross-country skiers gave a recital in the 3000m steeplechase race which took a clean sweep the top four with Hillary Kipsang Yego (8: 12. 81), Elijah Chelimo Kipterege (8: 14. 22), Haron Lagat (8: 15.

Weekend Football League

/ VIDEO: ATLAS have been unlocked the negotiations and finally start the League. AFE and Phil have reached agreements on the debts that are maintained with some players and on the contractual release of these, to be able to leave the clubs. The second day of the Liga leagues and ahead will be disputed from this Friday 26th until Monday, August 29, as planned in the schedule, once the Association of Spanish footballers (AFE) announced Thursday that the players strike, after reaching an agreement by the collective agreement with the League of professional football (LFP) has mustered. Representatives of the League and AFE, led by their Chairmen, Jose Luis Astizaran and Luis Rubiales, respectively, met this Thursday, from 10: 30 hours at the headquarters of the employer’s Association of clubs, for the seventh time and have finally reached an agreement to unblock the call for the strike. The strike by the AFE forced to postpone the start of la liga after multiple meetings with the LFP without that was reached an agreement on the demands of the players. The agreement reached at the seventh meeting since footballers Union convened the strike in first and second Division on 11 August. The AFE had called a strike for the first two days of League in order to claim, among other things, that the clubs paid outstanding debts with the players, which amounted to EUR 50 million and affects around 200 players. Now, according to the statement from the AFE, has agreed to ensure, by different routes, the debts that are maintained with over 200 players.

Another of the agreements reached is the entry into force of a procedure abbreviated for the resolution of the contracts, which will allow all those players with debts reaching 3 monthly payments or the equivalent, leaving the club in that militen and be able to contract for another. The strike prevented the opening of the championship the past weekend in first and second. The second day of the first will be held on 27, 28 and 29, while the second will have matches on 26, 27 and the 28. With regard to the dates for postponed sessions, both parties shall propose to the Royal Spanish Football Federation that the of the highest calibre will be held January 22 instead of which would be the first of the second round, which passes to the 2nd of May. Second, the deferred day will be held October 26, source of the news: the strike is over: this weekend there are Football League

Spectacular Images

The Discovery Channel premiere sharks: 25 shocking moments. The best images issued in the last 20 years have been selected. For 20 years, the Discovery Channel has dedicated a week per year to the most feared and admired marine predators: sharks. Now, the documentary channel presents sharks: 25 shocking moments, a program that will display images of the most terrifying and exciting moments by these predators over the two decades that the week of the shark takes broadcast on Discovery Channel. Craig Ferguson is a famous presenter and comedian always fascinated that the week of the shark Discovery Channel, all television event in the United States. It was to channel proposed whom the challenge star in the special about the sharks.

However, the proposal was not as well received as expected. When it was given the opportunity of participating Ferguson had doubts, they claim from Discovery Channel. And is that the work required traveling to the Bahamas to swim, touch and feed the sharks without protection or cage. He finally agreed and was commissioned to narrate your experience and to experience what they had seen in the Discovery programs for two decades. Shark: 25 shocking moments, interspersed with the narrative of the voyage of Ferguson, images of sharks s eleccionadas displayed as the most spectacular and impressive. The program sharks: 25 shocking moments will debut Monday on August 29 at 2315 h.

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