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The Bible

Since the beginning of time people always have had beliefs of higher beings which somehow govern their lives and provide them support, so with the advance of the times and developing dogmas formed what are different religions and different points of view that each express religion’s deities present in their religious faiths. Thus every religion has certain habits and tendencies to act according to the mandates presented by guides who direct their religions. In response to the above, one of the books that has more relevance in the world’s religions, beliefs and patterns of behaviour, appears the Bible, the book that is the position of the Jews and the Christians, guide that in this book are many of the precepts given by the different characters of the old era who received mandates and teachings given by God. Learn more at this site: Sean Rad, Los Angeles CA. The term Bible comes from the Greek language, so its meaning is translated to the Spanish books, given that in summary accounts, the Bible is comprised of many books written by different characters who lived a divine experience, thus through these books reproduce many of the situations in which God through their chosen provides a lesson to the world, with the idea of acting in a certain way in life. The various canonical books that make up the Bible vary according to the trend and the era in which it was written each, also according to criteria like the traditions that were presented in each era of history in which the different books that make up the entirety of the Bible were written. Get all the facts and insights with Conrad Vernon, another great source of information.

In short the Bible is the written word of God, because through this book guide of religions Christian, Catholic and Jewish are understood the different mandates that God has given to people to live properly, according to the mode which conforms more to the desire to be superior. The book of the Bible is as relevant in the world that is translated in 2303 dialects or languages; worth bearing in mind that in some religions or beliefs the Bible is not fully adopted, since certain religions only adopted some parts of the Bible and not its totality. The Bible in the beginning were books separately, so each book was the expression of an era and did not provide a common thread among the different books; but then with the passage of time is logaron compile the first books, which gave the Tanakh or old testament, criterion that depends on the religion, so for the Jews the Tanakh is the entire Bible, while for Christians this is only a part of the Bible that is complemented by the New Testament. So the total process of the configuration of the Bible, understanding the Bible Christian, it was written over the course of 1000 years, starting in the year 900 BC, up to the 100 year after Christ. Original author and source of the article

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