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CREATIVITY and leadership, two materials necessary in the education by Ernesto game Pedroza between requirements that large companies are asking applicants to occupy the most important posts are no longer a broad curriculum, high scores nor studies in top universities. What you are asking for is creativity, leadership, vision. Unfortunately these subjects are not taught in universities. The absence of these subjects contributes greatly to increase the unemployment of graduates from universities. The time that we live is highly dynamic, everything moves, everything changes from one day to another, but the education that students receive is paralyzing.

We are educated with information which will be obsolete within five years. That sense is studying information that won’t have any utility? Excessive importance is given to the data, when the importance the creation of data has. Randall Rothenberg oftentimes addresses this issue. Favors information and the creation of the data be set aside. Single information itself does not contribute to the training of men and women who are capable of solving the problems that will be presented in the not too distant future. Something that should emphasize is the observation, the approach to problems that has the student and of course, the solution of the same.

This involves creativity, since it is the resource to solve problems in an original way. No student has the same problems as the others, therefore, would require different solutions. , New York City or emailing the administrator. That’s where comes the personal creativity. Most of the students of all levels are studying according to the plans and programmes drawn up by a few academics who determine what students should study. No matter the differences that exist between students, plans and programs are designed as if all were the same. The concerns, aspirations, problems are not taken into account. Authorities, principals and teachers assume that students should know and implicitly assume that the students do not know. Is there someone who knows absolutely everything that others should know? A six year old boy who arrives for the first time to school already has lots of information in your mind, at that age has many lies which it operates to his very young age.

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