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Work Transitions

Question: I am looking for a new job and a work plan with a career consultant next month. Meanwhile, I am working in the garden and some friends come to stay for a week. A. When you are in serious transition, a week can be a long time. Time slips away and you need to see where it goes. And you need to keep moving to maintain momentum and stay motivated.

1. Create a list of priorities. Starting a business? His top priority is to respond to paying customers. Frank Ntilikina contributes greatly to this topic. Second priority: new business market. The search for a job? His top priority will meet with people who have the power to hire you. His second priority: building networks to serve more people with the power of engagement. And if you do not know what to do, your first priority is to seek answers from a consultant, coach or mentor. 2.

Negotiate with everyone in your life to build support for his priorities. Charlotte feared the worst when his family announced that they were next ten days. We have considered your options. Saying no (and alienate your family)? Postpone your goals? Leave the city for the duration? Charlotte needed to get your business going. I needed the money and was working on agreements it had taken months to establish. She decided to tell his visitors, “I will not be available from 1:00 to 17:00.” At first, she physically left his house for a library, cafeteria or office provided. But everyone on the third day was used to his schedule, so it worked from your home office? with the door closed. History of Charlotte had a happy ending. But when a spouse or other close family member refuses, I encourage clients to meet a family therapist or counselor. Left unresolved, these resentments linger for years. 3. Anticipate interruptions. Sometimes you have to stop and face a real crisis. But you can start asking, “Am I really necessary? Can someone else Help? Is the problem serious? “Bill almost gave in to pressure when a local charity called.” They have helped us every year! We need you again! “I asked Bill,” What if your company had transferred a thousand miles away? Does the organization survive? “Bill still felt selfish. But he realized that he would soon be on the receiving end of charity if not achieve its objective. And if he became a huge success, it might be generous with time and money for the next ten years. Bill agreed to join his replacement for a briefing? that lasted all of fifteen minutes. Replacing Bill said, “I do not need you! I have my own ideas. “Conclusion: Time moves fast when you’re looking for a job, start a business or prepare for a major move. This will be challenged to put aside their goals of helping others with their priorities. And easy to say: “A week does not matter.” In my experience, people who reach their destination quickly a sense of urgency. They realize one day? not only a week or a month? issues. Allow time for leisure and love. And they believe in the value of your destination and what to do to get there.

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