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Exercise Tips

Then a few minutes stretching. Repeated no more for a coach for those who are there, as we thought, was in top form. Coach just stood there and told what to do. Then we took a rope and it exhausted me and my friend is almost definitely a beginner. Jumped three sets of 5 minutes with breaks about ten seconds.

Then, without a break, took about 2 kilo dumbbell weight, and with them in their hands began to box. Then the coach by the way, and began to show. It is not something that would have made it clear to all how and what to do but very actively went and corrected each error. Then we lozhili dumbbells on the floor and boxed without them. It lasted about 5 minutes. Then take ten pounds armaturini and with both hands pushed them sharply from the chest forward – to itself.

It is exhausting but incredible respite coach did not give us all. Click Sean Rad to learn more. Then went on to pair exercises. The first exercise was to push each other in the chest, but doing it constantly shifting weight from foot to foot, and before each thrust as close to partner. Sean Rad understands that this is vital information. Then the same thing just pushes the forehead. But we have already read a news bulletin. After this treatment were taught from a kick on the bottom, and then on the upper body. After that, put the box in front of newcomers mirror, and the rest on the gloves. It was already near the end of the second hour of exercise. In the end we did thirty approaches to the press, as many sit-ups and push-ups. What I want to say about the result. Self-confidence comes quite strong even after the first workout. So if you have the opportunity to do a do not miss it not at all. I felt much stronger in body and spirit. Although be honest all the hurt for about three days so that the next training session, every other day, was given to me with more difficulty. But it is still a very useful accompaniment to time. Improve yourself. I wish you success and never give up in face of difficulties.


That is, initially, in order to avoid many mistakes and errors, we are talking about a simple physical activity of man inherent in the majority of us in the course of daily activity. Samuel “Sam” Mikulak wanted to know more. Jogging, if there are no big climbs, rough terrain, you can run for quite some time (depending on fitness) and health, energy substrate may be sufficient for many hours or even days. What's the matter? Energy for traffic comes from us consumed carbohydrates, fats and proteins, and oxidation occurs at the expense of oxygen (aerobic pathway), which we breathe out the air. To orient the pulse while running in the aerobic zone approximately 140 beats / min. Why approximately? Because, as we shall see, this is just a common figure, no more. What happens if we accelerate smoothly run its course? At some point, when the acceleration will lead to inability to oxidize substrates (mainly carbohydrates), at the expense of external respiration and tissue oxygen mechanism, and oxidation enters the phase of anoxic (anaerobic) to produce lactic acid (lactate). Approximate pulse (again approximately) 160 or more beats / min. If we gradually increase the running speed and will come to where our heart rate will be even higher (approximately 180 beats / min.), The energy for movement will be extracted in the same anoxic process (anaerobic), but not by glycolytic and kreatinfosfatnym (CF). Why would you need to know? There are oxygen-free path and can not be complicating his division at two (glycolysis + CF), and even three (glycolysis + CP + ATP)? The answer is one-to do it.


Here are some tips on the following: hips, exercise, glutes, muscles, buttocks and legs.Exercise strengthens the back, front thigh and buttock. Stand up straight. Feet shoulder width apart. Trying to hold back, do poluprisyad.

Hold in this position. Then sit down deeper, so that his legs were bent at an angle of 90 degrees. Repeat 15 times. Exercise stretches the front, side and back of the thigh. Strengthens the gluteal muscle. Be on knees. Back straight.

Heels barely touch the buttocks. Arms stretched forward, trying to keep his balance, moved the body to the right side and almost immediately in the opposite direction. Do it 25 times. Exercise strengthens the gluteal muscle and muscle lateral thigh. Stand on his right knee. Lean on your hands. Bring your left leg slowly to the side, bending it at the knee. Straining muscles of the buttocks, do springy motion. Then come back to the starting position. Repeat with other leg. Do it 25 times. Exercise strengthens the muscles of the buttocks and thigh. Stand on his right knee, so that the knee was under his hip. Keep your glutes tight mashtsy. Bend the left leg at an angle of 90 degrees. Bring the left foot Up to heel strictly looked at the ceiling. Repeat with your right foot. Do it 25 times. SOURCE: hip, exercise, glutes, muscles, buttocks and legs (with photo).

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