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Question: – What are the components of the neutral emulsion foundation of our cosmetics? Answer: – Emulsion creams are the mainstay of our vegetable oils (grape, soybean, castor, sesame, olive, coconut, cocoa, etc.) dispersed in an aqueous solution of salts and trace elements. Question: – How is it that turns an emulsion with particles of optimum size, as our creams? Answer: – In our plants receiving droplets of the dispersed phase required size occurs in two stages. In the first phase emulsification occurs during extrusion of fluid through the narrow gap between rotating at high speed rotor and a stationary stator. This creates conditions for almost instantaneous rupture of the liquid jet. In the second stage is the highest value added with an emulsion of cavitation implosions. The unique design of our setup allows for differential pressure (Pressure-vacuum) in the atmospheres of tens of pulses at a frequency of cavitation, which is three times the frequency of the AC mains. Question: – All about what you're told, is the issue of education emulsion droplets or particles. Now, when the emulsion is obtained, it is important to stabilize, ie, reduce the process of merging (koalistsentsii) received drops? Answer: – Absolutely.

In the emulsion is always movement and collision unprotected drops a partial or complete their merger. Therefore, the diluted emulsion and unprotected particles in the stable of its distance can be maintained only in a specific, laboratory conditions, but not in production. In other words, the emulsion system will not be stable without stabilization. Substances that stabilize the emulsion, known as emulsifiers. By emulsifiers are surface-active substances (surfactants). The mechanism of action based on the ability of surfactants adsorbed at the interface and thus reduce the effect of the surface interfacial tension between liquids. And the less the strength of this tension, the easier is the process of emulsification, and the smaller the particles of the emulsion.

Find a suitable emulsifier for us was the task is not simple. After all, it must not contradict the SAW concept of the company, ie the substance to be only vegetable origin. And such effective emulsifying agents have been found, they were products of processing of coconut and palm oils. Q: – So, in order to emulsion particles were as small as a time of their formation, just enter an emulsifier? Answer: – Of course. Contributes to the stabilization spontaneous formation of microemulsions (ultrageterogennoy emulsion) around the core particles. This may occur for several reasons. Firstly, there is a redistribution of surfactants in the milling process emulsion droplets, and secondly, at the interface specific chemical reactions take place. Walking physical and chemical processes give rise to the surface layer of particles of the microemulsion, a kind of structural-mechanical barrier, prolonging 'life span' of our unique cosmetics.

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