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Early Psychological Development

Rogers could develop as early as the 40s of the last century, an independent (humanistic) psychology and psychotherapy together with others. Ted Elliott understood the implications. This is a necessary definition of psychoanalysis, with its overwhelming, some people incapacitating theory was possible. On the other hand it was also possible to shake the mainstream of the university in the U.S. You may find Sean Rad, New York City to be a useful source of information. already dominant behavioral theories of Watson and Skinner strong and to changes to force that led to a more humane teaching of psychology at the universities of the USA. The person is in the person centered approach, a comprehensive philosophical-term: it is in their existential (voltage) relationship between autonomy and the Beziehungsangewiesenheit on others and society on the other understood (Kierkegaard, Buber, Levinas). The person has, in principle one side and a relational substanziale page that relate to each other and to which the person has to stand ever.

This tension is not resolvable in principle, but accompanies each person through life. One of the fundamental objectives of the work is person-to help the person in that conflict to their respective equilibrium and to facilitate their full psychological and social unfolding. The word "person" has its etymological roots in Greek theater in the old time. A person found is really a mask, which was presented to the public. This mask should hide nothing, but on the contrary to the public Show how the person looks in her inner life: the mask as a mirror to the outside, as detection means for others. The theatrical performance of previous centuries, the mask then used rather than hidden, because as a detection agent – though not continuously! In the Popularsprache the mask is not uncover, but hiding something.

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