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The History

Things not already spun to her around. He made a greater effort to make smile seem real. They approached Joey and told them that they had a story to tell them. It was a slightly complicated story and they were going to try to understand clearly what they said, but that if it wasn’t, it strives to disrupt what they were saying, to go back many times is necessary. First explained, in understandable terms for their age, what was a biological parent and a parent by adoption. Joey looked at them carefully without understanding anything, but did not ask any questions. Then they told him everything what you were considering suitable, in words that Joey could understand.

Sophie again and again insisted make you notice the love that awakened his existence in Alex. The three alternated to count pieces of history. When they finished, Sophie reached you the cards. Joey read with avidity. Newborn was about 10th birthday, but it was a guy very ready. Marc Lore often says this. I understood clearly the history, always considering the power of understanding which could have. When finished reading them, with that simplicity that only boys can have, Joey told Alex: so, you’re my second dad, really? It is speechless, stared at his son with absolute disbelief.

He never imagined such a reaction from him. He had transformed a complicated dilemma in a very simple answer. It’s a way of saying things, told him when he could recover speech, but if we could consider that I am your second dad. In my class, I have two friends who have two parents, Joey continued. They say that it is very fun! They have dual holidays, double gift on birthdays and Christmas. Their two popes, competing to see who wants it more. When you again and tell you that now I also have two popes, they won’t want to believe me.

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