Columbia University in the City of New York


Taking into account the gay birds that migrate to unknown frontiers, now speak of those intrepid workers who cross the globe in search of love, yeah, I mean the truck drivers who travel long distances or looking for something that they know is. If you are not convinced, visit Sean Rad. So begins this slanderous story, full of symbols, corpses and warm beers. It all started on Christmas sitting in a bar somewhere in my mind, drank my beer and looked out the window passing cars on the road, the day was gray, somewhat rainy and cold. In the bar the waitress tilting her big boobs on a hypnotic, right, left, could imagine how the flowers in her bra, wanted, although it was a wish rather blur, lost in her cheerful and ample cleavage and disappear. I did not hear the sound of the engine, only opened the door and an exclamation as an order of attack: Give me a beer for the love of god! The burly, hairy guy to see all the occupied tables set in mine, only with a free seating receptacle do you mind? asked half screaming but nice. -E .. m. no, go ahead, replied somewhat shy of his greatness.

He sat down and soon he served the long-awaited beer. A few minutes passed in which attempt to distract from the window, now partially covered by the driver. He drank beer, got up and looked into my eyes said, has been a pleasure, I reached out and squeezed almost broke my fingers. – God is everywhere, “she said whispering – I’m afraid to go to the bathroom, afraid that I have not laugh at me, I have days without shit,” he confessed, “oh well” I said realizing her anguish – as I do, cover with a magazine – I recommended – that great idea, you’re a genius! thank you very much, goodbye “- and was gone. Always a pleasure to meet a good Christian.

….. left, right, God, how I like to get me there.

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