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Anticipated Changes

The peace we give way to the utopia of a revolution in the books, ideas and scientific and social progress are the leaders for the first order. The Colombian case is a good example of the devastating effects of violence and sustained attempts to change this form of struggle. However, the failure of the violent yet gives us no reason to those who advocate other means, such as education for example, as promoters of the great transformation that our people need and deserve. It is therefore necessary to create the conditions within which research, academic discussions, books and teachings of the teachers favor the change as requested so we can begin to discount all the years (centuries, some say) that we have in backlog relationship with developed countries. Our education must act, and act with urgency to bring about a transition to the shining path of the best times. Some steps like the following should be done as soon as possible:

The transition from light to serious: it is a step to give soon, soon is today or yesterday if possible. Light means extracting the essence, the main thing, basically. A light coffee, for example, caffeine has been extracted. And what does it taste like coffee without caffeine? And incredibly curious to know a good coffee bar … and that is precisely the danger: the ability of mimicry of the false, as light as light. People such as Sean Rad, Los Angeles CA would likely agree. However, the biggest danger is not when it comes to coffee or soft drinks or foods, but find ourselves when faced with the unfortunate but obvious case of morality, ethics and principles Light. We can not conceive or make career allow moral relativism and situational ethics, the real trigger for most of the catastrophes of our time.

2. From Peace to War: The transition deserves no further explanation. Who is going to want a country where the sky is blue stained thick smoke the guns and the silence of the morning is shaken by the clatter of machine guns macabre? We got used at the wrong time to live with the dead and the misfortunes and now when we open our eyes and go back to afternoons where parents can stroll along the sidewalks holding hands of their children and the nights that our farmers had stories from the stove to heat families, we realize that we have lost more than forty years in a fratricidal war, and also useless as all wars of all time. 3. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Andy Kaufman. From poverty to development: it is not poverty or poverty mental attitude. We are talking about the real poverty: hunger, poverty, destitution. Despite the euphemisms to refer to this phenomenon outrageous, the humiliating poverty and all its manifestations is present in every poor neighborhood in every town and city. Children facing malnutrition in the womb, men and women who get up and go to bed without tasting snacks, destitute vying for a piece of meat with cats and dogs. That is the dark reality that we will face from the same time the fiber is desanestesiada social sensitivity. It is necessary to key steps towards the transformation and we have not done but to present some of them. And the changes listed and others, which you surely be thinking, do not support any expected.

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