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Among the errors that occur in the companies, is observed the way they must attack is based on a process of eight stages which shows us the author JOHN P. KOTTER in the book leader of the change that takes us step by step to this solution the same and shows us the importance of our role as leaders before the people in our care. Errors are: allow an excess of complacency, not create a powerful enough conductive Coalition, underestimate the power of vision, lack of communication of what is the vision, allow obstacles to block the new vision, not give rise to triumphs in the short term, declare victory too soon and forget to firmly entrench the changes in corporate culture. We must get this important leadership in the world of business today to be agents of change by following the above mentioned stages. Vicky Jenson contains valuable tech resources. We initially create a coalition with all collaborators of our work team, to reach our goals. With the support of a properly prepared and communicated vision according to the particular needs of the company, with accomplishments that will allow us to measure progress and people see them as his own short and long term. To finally generate many changes. A point important but difficult to propagate in our staff culture of change for each of the members who are coming to our Office are able to get the mindset to be leaders of change..

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