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Suffice it to say that he is ready to provide ports for ships of NATO, and airports – to refuel and maintenance of military transport aircraft of NATO. "So, you can create a corridor along which will run the arms and equipment from Georgia to Central Asia to Afghanistan," – said the president, zazyvaya overseas partners. Keep in mind also that after the war in August 2008, Saakashvili and his entourage, on the withdrawal of Georgian experts have been isolated internationally. Apparently, Tbilisi I would like to feel a new level of demand as the state of Georgia, which plays in the global context role. In addition, the productivity can offer Saakashvili cast doubt as American leadership in diplomatic affairs do not always change the sense of reality. This is evidenced by the recent statement by U.S. Click Sam Mikulak to learn more. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's "Voice of America." It was about interest at the North Atlantic Alliance, in cooperation with Russia.

In the same interview on the issue of Ukraine, Clinton replied: "No one is forcing the force to join NATO." With regard to Georgia question though is different, but not uniquely so, as the Georgian leadership wants. The problem is the regime change, and public opinion as the passage of time more and more convinced of the futility, and often inadequacy of the process of unbalanced "rapprochement" with the West – this one-sided, as a flux, a desire to cooperate, in fact, only weakens the country. If even a very good thing to perform poorly, it is not will bring nothing but trouble, and it's accurate observation of the Georgian opposition leaders is extremely important. Incidentally, during his visit to Iran's Foreign Minister Grigol Vashadze had to hear a few words about benefits of a more sober view of the world. Tehran's envoy Mikhail Saakashvili made it clear that the United States – not the navel of the earth, and Georgia would hardly be expedient absolute disregard warnings Mahmoud Ahmadinejad at the blind pandering to Washington's interests. Quiz conducted by an independent TV station "Maestro", reflected the curious position of the spectrum of citizens. They answered the question: Should Georgia to send troops to Afghanistan and provide military bases of NATO? Dictaphone this author wrote, in particular, such responses: – "If we're going to actually join NATO, it must provide the framework, and if we can not do the training and we break the reform, then what do we want? "-" Let us help as long as NATO, and if not, let us leave in peace …; – "We do not have to give their bases, because the Islamic world will rise up against us, and the U.S.

are unlikely to have protect. Is not it time we leave Afghanistan alone and think about their troubles? "-" The U.S. wants us to use, and help are not really very much want to. I feel sorry for our guys who go to Afghanistan …; – "From the United States must maintain normal relations with Russia and make friends and have to negotiate seriously. We must remember that this is our old neighbor, and we are anywhere from one another not escape …. Responses to the proposal of President of Georgia yet. And, as I think, in light of Mrs Clinton's statement could not be much conviction, that the reaction in Washington will be positive.

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