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Ukrainian Carpathians

Rest in Carpathians it is always a memorable holiday, in any round in which you go. Credit: Walmart CEO-2011. In recent tours in the Carpathians have become much more interesting. Hotels and cottages in which the rest of the Carpathians, will show you all the customs and Attractions Hutsul people. In the winter vacation in the Carpathian mountains is indescribable. Ski tours have become much more popular, there are many ski slopes, there were European lifters. Just rest in Carpathians interest in such resorts as Slavske, Dragobrat, Yaremcha, Yablunitsa, Bruise, Yasin. So the holiday in the Carpathian Mountains will always be popular in any season.

New Year in the Carpathian Mountains – a memorable trip to historical sites Ukraine, with an opportunity to relax on holiday ski resorts. Those who will plan the New Year holiday in the Carpathian Mountains – visit the museums and medieval castles, which are wonderfully silhouetted against a stylish design modern hotels. Rest in Carpathians – an amazing ability to restore health by staying in one of the cleanest areas in Europe! Christmas entertainment sure, winter fun in the Carpathians is coasting. In Bukovel a rise in the cable car to the Christmas holidays will cost 15 grn. Usually – 12 UAH. Rent a ski from 55 to 220 hryvnia (depending on model) on weekdays and from 65 to 260 hryvnia – the weekend. On New Year's holidays for ski rentals will have to pay from 80 to 330 hryvnia.

However, there are three mountain Bukovel with quite different slopes: for beginners, advanced skiers and athletes. For children and beginners are running a ski school. Individual lessons cost 120 UAH. per hour, group – 65 to 90 UAH. depending on the number of students in the group. During the descent into "Bukovel" very carefully looked after by their everyday align. In "Bukovel" for the holidays the cost of a Christmas program at the restaurant "Kazachek" will cost 758 for adults USD. and for children 567. What will be included in the menu and what will be the program, the administration has not yet been divulged. Usually, guests are entertained Hutsuls. In Vorokhta in this year's tour will offer innovation – driving from the mountains to mountain bikes. However, no matter where you were in the Carpathian region, that offers a list of excursions. What to see? Tour ', Ivano-Frankivsk. Echo centuries. " During the tour you will be acquainted with the life of Stanislaus (the old name of Ivano-Frankivsk) over three centuries. You'll also see: Potocki palace complex – the founders of Stanislaus, the market square with town hall – a sample Medieval town planning; area Sheptytsky the church, the Cathedral and the old grammar school – spiritual unit of the ancient city of the Baroque, held back by the castle wall Stanislav fortress, which was work of fortification of medieval Europe, in the Memorial park will hear about the pages in his personal life of Ivan Franko – his second love of 'the proud princess. "

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