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Modern Teaching

The sovereignty of man is hidden in the dimension of their knowledge. Francis Bacon is very correct what brings the Eng.Francisco Guerrero, needed a University where teaching, research and extension are integrated into a single large University, enriching each other work, and apply, to the search for solutions to the problems of society and the nation. A University be aware of globalization of knowledge and therefore integrated to large telematic networks academic and scientific, and to participate actively in international and regional academia. A University that accept assessment by their peers and who practice systematic self-evaluation of all its activities. In addition, be aware of their social responsibility, without prejudice to their autonomy, recognize is subject to evaluation by the society of the efficiency and effectiveness of their performance.It is important to count on a good teaching staff, the school of administration of many of the Faculties of Economics of national universities, especially public ones in the case of Venezuela that involves us, must evaluate, analyze their reality with respect to its plant in teachers responsible for collaborate in training training of future graduates in management that its sine graduate. Universities should be more serious in the recruitment of teachers who are committed to the training of professional, select them on the basis of experience, knowledge, scholarship, pedagogy, not by commitments to political, family, friendships, but by academic merit. Pay them a salary just wage according to the quality of life that the present requires, motivate them constantly, with courses, training of high-level. Also the characteristics of the current scenarios, especially the Venezuelan, which is turbulent, uncertain, with great risks, presenting a business sector in crisis, especially their SMEs, product of political instability, has been declared should be considered Socialist and whose laws, programs, that has generated have given way to serious repercussions on the operation of some companies, which have ceased to operate and others, do so with low productivity, fear, seriously affecting the country in some rubles, where the Government has had to enforce imports to supply domestic markets.

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