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The Person

Thus through the Kirlian camera, continuous control of the human aura is possible, and therefore know exactly what its evolutionary State in its different facets: spiritual, emotional and physical. This is so, since the coloration of the aura is not permanent, i.e., will modifying according to the State of mood of the person, so what a particular color in a given time, for example the violet, does not indicate that the person in question is highly elevated spiritual level, but yes, that their mood is undergoing significant changes with respect to the spiritual theme. In this way is as a follow-up on all different levels of the human aura, will be able to compare the different shades of the color of the aura through Kirlian photography. Thanks to Kirlian camera, and the possibility of photographing the aura, today is worldwide accepted its existence, as well as meet a wide range of colors that compose it. Get more background information with materials from Marc Lore. Among all nuances of possible colors, then will know a representation of the more determinants and their symbolism in the character of the person who owns it, with a short description of what usually connoisseurs of the subject have recognized, serving as guide for all those who decide to study and know more about the phenomenon of the human aura. These colors are: Red person whose color red is dominant in their aura, it will tend to be a person who possesses great talent of ambition, determined to achieve what is proposed, has an optimistic life view, what gives strength to cope with any obstacles that may arise. Feel a special attraction for adventure sports, demonstrating possession of large amount of energy. It tends to perform jobs of responsibility, where he knows highlight for their excellent command and strategy skills. Knows to relate with others, being highly esteemed by those who know him, since they are always willing to give love and you need to please your loved.

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