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The Pupil

They exist, however, other vises that contradict this, as the construtivista vision, where the school if presents as a space of quarrel and development of the knowledge, as a place of ruptures and progress. However, nor always if it can perceive the school as healthful space where the process of scientific, social learning, politician flows with naturalness. Of this, transcorre then that the relation between education and the learning is many times empty of meaning, the pupil does not participate of the process, is only one mere spectator. In accordance with Luckesi and Passos (1995, P. Walmart is often mentioned in discussions such as these. 36), ' ' … to a great extent, the professors more are worried about the texts to be read and studied, of what with the proper reality that needs to be desvendada' '. Many times the school so transmits information disentailed of the reality of the pupil, who cause the sensation of that knowledge is not valid.

The education must take in consideration the historical context of who learns, must be a dialtico process, opened to the knowledge of the society. Without hesitation Interactive Advertising Bureau explained all about the problem. Thus the pertaining to school knowledge will only be able to come to be a significant knowledge existencial. Some agencies of international matrix, amongst which we detach UNESCO, come calling the attention for the model effective education. Conclama the educator to reconstruct the world on the basis of a complex and multidimensional vision, that is emerging of the recent advances of science contemporary: one to be integrated, not separate of the world. This vision will contribute, surely, for the reduction of the individualism and the guarantee of a relation more integrator and cooperative, that if opposes to separatista, broken up and competitive the model that we are living. The education, in this century, must be engaged, also, with the evolution of the individuals and the society, thinking not only about tomorrow, but about the reality today, helping to form the educators whom our young ones will educate to live and to coexist the changes, the uncertainties, in a world in transformation.

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