Columbia University in the City of New York

Time Management

I do not know at what time they taught me but since I always started very small set priorities in life, when he had anything to not run out to buy sweets or toys that would last I knew very little but what I really needed at that time, a backpack or clothes perhaps. This obviously led to many strange questions about my behavior, “old boy” every time I called he answered that he had other priorities … memories that were the beginning of what I am doing today. The football games and parties were less important than my desire to beat, to study at a university and to go from where it was, it was becoming more difficult not to yield to such temptations but perseverance could achieve its objective and to study a profession and work better paid than if I had not studied anything, but my family still keep saying that I am a bored when I say that I have other priorities to spend my money, educate and save. And is that over the years, fulfilling experiences I have learned that there is nothing better than established priorities in life, knowing what one thing you should put your effort and do rather than wasting time and resources on other things.

Today I have a child one of my priorities on giving the best and spend time with him, because there is no point if I give the world and not have a father working so get out of work, so it is, I do not mind the profession who studied or important post that I can offer it all gladly exchange it for some that can manage and can spend more time with my son and I know I will achieve little by little, with great effort will achieve independent living talking and enjoy true financial freedom..

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