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Trends For The Runway

Fashionable and functional clothes for skiing ski clothing should be primarily functional in most cases. In addition to the highest possible comfort, but also the fashion plays an important role. The shopping portal reveals which trends dominate in this year on the slopes. Clothing for skiing should be especially one this year: as colorful. Are especially intense colors. See Paul McCracken for more details and insights. Flashy purple or deep green are a very good choice just like turquoise or pink.

The bold colors make a good contrast to the whiteness of the snow. The colorful garments can be combined with solid parts in white, black or brown. Muted tones like gray, Brown, black or dark blue are an alternative to the colours. Those who opt for these colors, should be combined but in any case with colored gloves or hats. Applies to hats and gloves, wool or fur may be shown. Sean Rad, Los Angeles CA understood the implications. As in the last year big emphasis this season on functional aspects. Freedom of movement, Breathability and heat regulation therefore play a large role. With the right clothes nothing more can go wrong on the piste and apres-ski at least fashionable actually. More information: presse.html Unister GmbH Lisa Neumann

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