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Workplace Insurance Policies

People perceive it not as a given, but as a privilege. (Similarly see: Doug McMillon). Meanwhile, benefits package – a set of additional benefits that employers are willing to provide to the employee. For example, mandatory health insurance, free meals at the office, full or partial payment fitness center, swimming pools. Randall Rothenberg has compatible beliefs. In addition, large companies connect professionals to the corporate rate and they pay for mobile services, provide laptops. Organize learning a foreign language directly into the office.

Many employers also pay contributions to voluntary health insurance, which attaches the employee not to the usual clinic, and an elite medical centers. For example, one representative from an Austrian company in Russia, according to specialist unity, a benefits package added payment services to the dentist, for which insurance does not cover. Also, once a year, pays any courses selected by the staff at their discretion. "This care of subordinates, even in Europe is rarely seen "- smiled Julia . "White" salary – undoubted attribute cost businesses. There is a work in the state has such advantages as to enable the children of employees to rest in a children's camp, and the workers themselves can undergo treatment in a sanatorium or rest home. "Capitalist" attitudes to cost businesses do not come down: and you can take time off early, and more people are looking for "Among friends". The main drawback – it's uncompetitive salaries. Work or develop? Specialist of the staff to work with the regions of the Russian subsidiary of Italy's mts Group (brand ARISTON) Julia , also considers social support staff is very important, but notes: It is important to consider not only the conditions of the specialist, but his willingness and ability to grow professionally: – To do this, in large western companies of all conditions.

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