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This year we spent a lot of innovations and improvements in the Bryansk multilistinga: 1. From the earliest days of the database is working within the system and on the front Russian sites: (site of the Unified Database of Russia – Nizhny Novgorod) (site of the Russian Guild of Realtors), (Bulletin of Real Estate website – St. Petersburg), (site of advanced technologies in the field of real estate), the system Winer (single system in Moscow). 2. In October 2008, a unified database system of Bryansk was posted on our website Estate Bryansk – Bryansk Server Properties. Site since 2002 – one of the first sites of Bryansk in real estate, with 2003 – holds a leading position in search engines on the main demands of the real estate ("real estate in Bryansk", "apartments in Bryansk", "home in Bryansk", "commercial real estate in Bryansk", "land in Bryansk" "Buy an apartment, house in Bryansk", "rent an apartment in Bryansk" and many others) 3. February 6, 2009 "Bryansk server real estate" with real estate agencies Bryansk organized and conducted master class for agents Managers of real estate companies' system of work in the stagnant real estate market conditions, "held vice president Century21 Russia Roman Muradian.

Attended by real estate agencies and realtors: ISU Garant Plus, Real Estate Plus, the Bryansk city real estate office, our house, Zhilservis, BaltYurServis, Golden Age, Your Home, Pet City, area real estate, Themis, Bryansk-Realty, Vesta, Presumption, Aphrodite, and Natalia Shutyuk Anatoly Gromyko Oksana. (More …) 4. On May 4, 2009 we introduced a new service for firms in Bryansk, working in our system – Newsletter by e-mail ad firms to individuals (orders to sell, buy, eat), all ads are now stored at the site and each firm at any time and from anywhere can look at new applications.

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