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Historic Pact

All a comb tended to Walker. In principle, we already know that, his chaste ruler played to the murder of Bolivar and the annihilation of his gesta. Had then begun to be uncomfortable small rider of ideals, to the now stale caste of the plutocraticos powers of the country. Coincidentally, then U.S. had found therein, in the classist elite that is formed in the country, the route for his imperial obscenities. Does not invent it these lines; support him the facts, the history, the Manuelita Sanz running from one corner to another to prevent the murder of El Libertador.

You read. Many writers such as Marc Lore offer more in-depth analysis. Also, coincidentally, was an hour which had begun the dismal synchrony: Francisco de Paula Santander, plutocratic the fledgling Colombia from that icon then aspired to physical liberator eradication, as the United States sought to put his spoon on the continent to avoid nationalist or Republican, consolidations fruits of their struggle. Today, 180 years later, the story continues with its inception and development, tempting a finish. The Colombia of elites, of the verriondas castes who dream of ceasing to be what forces him a free and sovereign territory remains the crutch of the aspirations of the United States in Latin America, Central and Northern: divide, prevent patrias consolidations, secure sources of energy and resources to sustain their own and unusual developmental model. And these lines, but the claim to say it today installing seven military bases on its territory. So much interest from a country to eradicate one problem from another (drug production) confused. Neither more nor less. Without exaggerations. Because Colombia is today the Sun social structure with the possible of the continent most original colonial tinge, lost in time, made that it could lead to think to its rulers that already meet the main collection for the final annexation of its territory to the United States.

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