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In such companies, all resources are subject to marketing problems. It does not work for random people. Frames are carefully chosen, and the entire staff consists of professionals. A striking example of such a company is advertising group “Manifestation.” This titanium marketing market. The impression is that it employs some talents. Professional advertisers, marketers, designers, copywriters, graphic designers here who primarily ensures the success of an advertising company! But that also offer the leaders of the marketing services market? Consider this question on the example of perhaps the best marketing company in Russia. Advertising group “Manifestation” offers its clients a comprehensive outsourcing. This means that you can entrust all of your marketing activities at the advertising group “Manifestation.” You will only need to worry about product quality, and specialists will take care of is to organize the market! Advertising group “Manifestation” in the market marketing services since 2002.

It has accumulated vast experience in creating corporate identity and its components. It turns out printing and advertising services. PR-activities are carried out to stimulate sales and improve company image. Feature of the advertising group “Manifestation” is the lack of managers. Yes, yes! The complete absence of managers! All issues are dealt with directly with the director! This approach sharply distinguishes advertising group “Manifestation” among other leaders of the marketing services market.

Where else in the company a market leader is able to directly communicate with the leadership? Through this approach removed the intermediate step in communications. Such a step in the other Companies often leads to the effect corrupt the phone, which generally reduces efficiency. Here, this is not! How to determine the market potential? How to create a new brand or an existing position? How to make an optimal plan for the promotion of goods and services? How to plan a budget to enable efficient set of marketing communications for the target audience? How to formulate and convey to consumers’ unique selling proposition? As an advertising company to have a real effect from it? And this is not the whole list of questions to which there is a response from the advertising of the “Manifestation.” Here’s why use third-party advertising organizations.

Historic Pact

All a comb tended to Walker. In principle, we already know that, his chaste ruler played to the murder of Bolivar and the annihilation of his gesta. Had then begun to be uncomfortable small rider of ideals, to the now stale caste of the plutocraticos powers of the country. Coincidentally, then U.S. had found therein, in the classist elite that is formed in the country, the route for his imperial obscenities. Does not invent it these lines; support him the facts, the history, the Manuelita Sanz running from one corner to another to prevent the murder of El Libertador.

You read. Many writers such as Marc Lore offer more in-depth analysis. Also, coincidentally, was an hour which had begun the dismal synchrony: Francisco de Paula Santander, plutocratic the fledgling Colombia from that icon then aspired to physical liberator eradication, as the United States sought to put his spoon on the continent to avoid nationalist or Republican, consolidations fruits of their struggle. Today, 180 years later, the story continues with its inception and development, tempting a finish. The Colombia of elites, of the verriondas castes who dream of ceasing to be what forces him a free and sovereign territory remains the crutch of the aspirations of the United States in Latin America, Central and Northern: divide, prevent patrias consolidations, secure sources of energy and resources to sustain their own and unusual developmental model. And these lines, but the claim to say it today installing seven military bases on its territory. So much interest from a country to eradicate one problem from another (drug production) confused. Neither more nor less. Without exaggerations. Because Colombia is today the Sun social structure with the possible of the continent most original colonial tinge, lost in time, made that it could lead to think to its rulers that already meet the main collection for the final annexation of its territory to the United States.

Latin America

In Montevideo under the Dominican order operates the Institute for studies of the problems of Latin America (IEPAL). In Santiago de Chile the Center for Social and economic development of Latin America; in Argentina the center of studies and Social Action of the society of Jesus; OCSH the work of priestly Hispanoamericana cooperation; The CIEC. Inter-American Confederation of Catholic education; CLAIR. Confederation Latin American religious; ILADES. Instituto Latinoamericano de doctrine and Social studies. The effectiveness of the Church on the continent of hope expresses it as I call him Juan Pablo II. The more refined organic composition is the CELAN; to him concerning the indissoluble Conference Catholic Bishops of Latin America.

The Episcopal Council itself is constituted by a representative delegate and an alternate replacement elected by each national Episcopal Conferences. To develop its functions. The CELAN has the following organization: A President Secretary General General Secretariat the CELAN is headquarters to Bogota annual meetings. CELAM facilitates its assistance to the Episcopal Conferences of the continent through many actions but primarily by reason of their twelve specialized departments: set liturgy Committee of Pastoral Latin American faith ecumenism missions vocations seminars Pastoral University education action Social 10.

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