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CONCLUSION the ambient accounting and its tools have collaborated so that, of transparent and responsible form the companies can improve the quality of life of its collaborators and the cares with the ambient situation. For the permanence in the market the organizations need to improve its performance in the ambient situation, and to be in accordance with the legislation that imposes rigid infractions to who does not obey the established norms. In general not accepted society the indifference with the environment, charging at last an ethical position, in what it says respect to the ambient preservation. We can notice that in way to the current economic growth, the concern them companies in brightening up or same to cure the degradaes of the environment, if has evidenced through responsible actions using itself of the ambient accounting to demonstrate the social responsibility of company, with the society and the environment. Bibliographical references BLACKSMITH, Araceli Cristina de Sousa; SIQUEIRA, Jose Mayan Ricardo; GOMES, Mnica Zaidan. AMBIENT ACCOUNTING AND SOCIAL REPORTS. 1 Ed.

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