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International Monetary Fund

As can not reach, has been assigned to the role of custody in order to avoid other animals that benefit from them. This seems to happen with the discredited International Monetary Fund, IMF, which has been assigned the role of rescuer of the global economy. After the scandals nepotism in the selection of its high personal, almost as big as the mess in its administrative expenses, and gigantism endemic in the bureaucracy, have tripled their resources. Continue to elucidate the issue by seeing what altavista has to say. They say that the Bretton Woods institutions will advance the date of its reform, 2013 to 2011. Under the formula that its director is chosen because of their merits and not for the IMF to be European or North American for the World Bank. Late credit you give me, for 2013, all bald if the agreed resource management in London and, together with those already allocated, exceeding four trillion dollars.

The summit, which represents 80% of the global economy, we have tried to respond to the universal cry for other rules Financial: by regulating hedge funds (hedge funds) largely responsible for the crisis, rating agencies and the shocking existence of tax havens "rebels." In other words, are to apply therapies that cancer control of the economy and global taxation, money laundering by organized crime, arms sales and corruption of governments and institutions. It is no longer speaks of "black" lists, but gray, despite the euphoria of Sarkozy and Merkel. Apparently they will fight against the "bank secrecy" as if he did not have another system ready to handle huge money fleeing tax control.


CONCLUSION the ambient accounting and its tools have collaborated so that, of transparent and responsible form the companies can improve the quality of life of its collaborators and the cares with the ambient situation. For the permanence in the market the organizations need to improve its performance in the ambient situation, and to be in accordance with the legislation that imposes rigid infractions to who does not obey the established norms. In general not accepted society the indifference with the environment, charging at last an ethical position, in what it says respect to the ambient preservation. We can notice that in way to the current economic growth, the concern them companies in brightening up or same to cure the degradaes of the environment, if has evidenced through responsible actions using itself of the ambient accounting to demonstrate the social responsibility of company, with the society and the environment. Bibliographical references BLACKSMITH, Araceli Cristina de Sousa; SIQUEIRA, Jose Mayan Ricardo; GOMES, Mnica Zaidan. AMBIENT ACCOUNTING AND SOCIAL REPORTS. 1 Ed.

So Paulo, SP; Atlases, 2009, 199 P. FERREIRA, Araceli Cristina de Sousa. AMBIENT ACCOUNTING: AN INFORMATION FOR THE SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT. So Paulo: Atlases, 2003,33 P. MOURA, Luiz Antonio Abdalla of. AMBIENT ECONOMY: MANAGEMENT OF COSTS AND INVESTMENTS. 3 Ed. So Paulo, SP: Juarez de Oliveira, 2006, 81,82 P.

The Events

Who elaborates the payment leaf knows that the RAT it must be calculated using the FAP, and places in the system this information. Who paid a leaf usually does not know to distinguish in the sum of the paid value what it corresponds to the original RAT and what it is currently the adjusted RAT (the RAT multiplied for the FAP). Who calculates the social changes and working esteem the costs of the company, it includes in the counting what he is paid, and this value, inlaid in the final price of the product, is repassed the consumer. Companies whom easiness has to repass this cost (banks, for example) can allow not to attempt against for what the FAP represents; however, others exist (perhaps the majority) that it has some difficulty, as those with great competition in the market, with edge of small profit or whose insumo main is the workmanship hand. For these the unfamiliarity of the increased RAT, or still better, of the existing possibility of that the same it is diminished, implies in loss of chance to operate in level of more efficient performance. We can say that managing, vices-president and mainly the presidents of companies, normally of medium great transport, nor knows how much its organizations are paying for this tribute without management.

What we can affirm is that we are speaking of a tribute in the house of sets of ten of millions for the great companies. 6.Outro aspect that inhibits practical to diminish the FAP is the unfamiliarity of the implications ' ' adjacentes' ' to the events that impactam in the FAP. Here it is some of the situations that can occur from the concession of the acidentrios benefits: ) Collect of the used FGTS for with acidentrio benefit: As the FAP is resulted of emitted acidentrios benefits and CATs, the first ones compel the collect of the FGTS during the time that the individual will be receiving the benefit.

United States

According to a new report from the University of Michigan, one of every five American households owe more on credit cards, medical bills, student loans and other debts without collateral that what they have in savings and other liquid assets. The data indicate that the mortgage crisis will continue for the next few years, although a proportion both minor families will experience difficulties with payment of mortgages. Despite the fact that the average levels of savings have risen since 2008 statistics show that there has been an improvement in the financial liquidity between 2009 and 2011, except in families that have more than 50,000 dollars in savings and other liquid assets. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from NBA. The report is based on an analysis of the ownership of housing, mortgages and other debts, and financial resources between them 8.121 families surveyed before and after the economic crisis. The families were interviewed as part of the Panel’s study of the ISR on the dynamics of income, the longitudinal household survey of more long duration in the world.

Approximately the same percentage of families had, in 2009 and 2011, 30,000 or more dollars in credit card debts and other debts without collateral (8.5 per cent and 10 per cent respectively), and approximately the same proportion (48 per cent and 47.4 per cent) did not have such debts in two years. Marc Lore: the source for more info. Some families don’t have been able to substantially improve their situation. Even if they are not submerged with their mortgages is to say when the value of the property now on the market is below the amount that should the Bank by the mortgage – those families have great difficulty to save money and reduce their debts. Market money USA is a practical guide of high interest for professionals in subjects related to the economy, news and latest news from the mundoen States of highest concentration of Hispanics in the United States, with special emphasis on Florida. The full story is in American families immersed in debts.

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