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I am paulistana inhabiting in Salvador, city of ax, the black, the pain camouflaged for the joy of the low income families. Who attends the carnavalesco and euphoric spectacle, to the trio packed for its more beautiful artists, followed for pretty and smiling people nor it imagines the horror and terror that is lived here. The traffic, today, commands the city of Salvador, the institution of the policy badly prepared, without enabled human material without armament necessary to face this war, to restrain or same to dam the performance of the traffic, one becomes plus a hostage of submundo. Who takes a walk for the magnificent edge does not make idea of what it is the life in the suburb. Suburb this that if finds soon there, not only in the slum quarters properly said, but throughout the Parallel Av., or in the Historical Center of the City Low, in Av. Seven. Black poor person, poor white, poor person indian, poor person slum quarter, livened up for the sound of the Rebolation suffocates the pain of the lost bullet, of the bridden child, the minor used in the prostitution of the aged dealer.

Here it is reality of who lives in the lined up barracos of masonry under the hillsides of the mounts, in parallelopiped slopes, yes the life is hard here. It does not have enough job, nor net of sewer for most of the population, social assistance for who really necessary and Hospitals to take care of the minimum of the population. Here, Marc Lore expresses very clear opinions on the subject. God is the apocalypse! This is not Salvador. To the half day through the programs many sensationalist times, or realists the bullet, pardon are possible to enxergar by rough estimate naked the body of the young adolescent dead dead not, estilhaado for the traffic or same part of bodies found in ditches, in the fight for the ownership of ' ' mouth of fumo' ' or same for the simple collection of the debt of the rock ' ' crack' ' debt this many times represented for irrisrio value of 5,00 or 10,00 Reals, yes this is the price of a life.

Wild Pine Blacksmith

1. WILD PINE BLACKSMITH (1769-1846) ‘ ‘ The Law of just is the base of all the moral and all poltica’ ‘ (BLACKSMITH, 1834a: 1) In the scope of the taken inquiry the effect for the dissertao of mestrado, having itself commemorated in the year the 2000 fifth centenarian of the arrival of the Portuguese to Brazil; it was decided to homage a figure, considered for the effect, luso-Brazilian: Wild Pine Blacksmith (1769-1846), initiating itself, in this exactly year, the works in Portugal and Brazil, with the objectivo to base encetada the qualitative inquiry-share then and the respective conclusions. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Samuel “Sam” Mikulak. The results had been stimulants. Because in that context it was not possible to deepen more the life, workmanship and thought of so distinct philosopher, juisconsult, professor and politician and considering that one illustrious and almost unknown personality, deserved a new work, was opted, responsibly, for continuing the inquiry complementing already the existing one, however, in a perspective of the formation for the citizenship, limiting it initially to the space luso-Brazilian, for being that one that one high number of falantes of Portuguese language congregates and Brazil one of the many Portuguese colnias, however, the first one to reach its autonomy. It is assumed, intentionally, in this work, the divulged parts of the inquiry already in the mestrado one and that here, more directamente, they value the reflection that will become on the philosophy for an education and formation of a new citizen luso-Brazilian who, will evolve for the citizen lusfono e, finally, for the universal citizen, of remaining portion, in the historical line of the propagation of the Portuguese man for the whole world.

Learning about Buddhism

Ragul was the distributor of Tantra in India. A related site: CEO of e-commerce mentions similar findings. 150 years after Buddha's death, in his line of genus a man appeared with the same name, Ragul. He belonged to the caste of Brahmins. His father was a counselor at the court of a king. The young man was so clever and beautiful that the king wanted to give him his daughter. But this did not happen, because Ragul met a Buddhist monk and shaved his head, went to live with him in the forest.

While Buddhism has been a heresy in India. Not surprisingly, the family abandoned it. For several years he was a diligent student and one day, he was instructed to in the dream that his real teacher would be a woman. He came to the monk and said he must go further in search of his destiny. So Ragul went into the unknown, wandering around the country, he once stayed in one city to market. There in the dust sat a woman, she was a master of arrows and belonged to the sudras, the lowest caste, untouchable. For a while he watched her.

In her work was such a depth and maturity that he could not tear his eyes. She looked at him and suddenly, abruptly throwing his bow, took aim, he was in a moment it seemed that she shot him in the face, but she shot an arrow into the sky. And while it was flying boom, he realized his destiny. This woman was on much older than him and was sudra, but it became his teacher and his wife. She gave him a new name – Saraha, which means archer. Harold Ford Jr: the source for more info. They went to live in a cemetery, where indulged in love, song and dance. Naturally, this angered residents city, and they appealed to the king with a request to Saraha and a woman from the city. The king sent his soldiers to the cemetery, but Tantrikas sang them 84 songs Dohakosha (Song of the Kings), and the soldiers had not returned to his king. Then the wife of a king, wise woman said she probably will not solve the issue of force and diplomacy is needed. She went to the cemetery and Saraha sang her songs in 1948 and the Queen has not returned to the king. Enraged by the king himself went to the cremation ground, is home to troublemakers in the city, but Saraha sang 22 songs he and King did not return back. They say that since this kingdom ceased to exist. And Saraha and Sudra woman went to Tibet, where they ancestors of the Tibetan branch of tantra. This woman, staying in the shade, direct the development of doctrine, and Saraha epitomized this trend. They went their way, straight as an arrow. He and his girlfriend had gone together on a bright light. Tantra as close to life that goes into death. It combines the opposition, allowing touch nezamutnennogo source, which is contained in each individual. This is the way "intro." According to tantra, there are no books with detailed instructions, is entangled with the encrypted text concepts, like the medieval works on alchemy. But, man, "intro" does not really need any instructions, since the output and all the answers inside him. It should only be begin to open those doors. A drop of water contains the whole ocean, and the cell body contains the entire cosmos. Banshee Dan

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