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Sports are one of the most rewarding activities that can make people, because they allow you to spend moments of distraction as well as exercise the body and enjoy the instance in very nice places, so with the exercise and sports spend enjoyable moments and distraction, so everything will depend on the type of sport that you want to practiceSince each one will have their different conditions, as occurs with canoeing, which thanks to the elements that include the to the practice of this sport is shown with many differences in comparison to many other sports, since the main factor is the movement in water by means of a light boat. By what is stated in the paragraph above, when speaking of the canoeing will be making reference to a water sport, which uses a light boat, which depending on the level of practice will have certain conditions on the materials with which this made the boat in such a way within the canoeing can be made in fibreglass boats glass and plastic when this sport develops recreationally and when by way of competition boats in canoeing must be elaborated in kevlar fiber or carbon. In canoeing by boat they can locate up to four people, but in any case gives room for 3 people in a boat. According to John Gibson, who has experience with these questions. People who are in the boat, with its strength initiated it through a few shovels or more known popularly as oars, and in a sequential and coordinated motion between the person or persons who are inside the boat will make it move from a point of departure to a point that signals the end of the tour. Between vessels more used within canoeing, stands out the kayak, which is one of the smaller vessels that can be found, has a cover little broadband and elongated, where used blades 2 leaves, so this type of boat is that most fits the different modalities of canoeing. Another that is used It is the canoe, which possesses a shovel from a single sheet. See Edwin Griswold Nourse for more details and insights.

Different sport modalities, may occur within the canoe which will largely depend on the conditions of the space in which the practice of sport is carried out is a river, in the sea, a lake or an artificial track, which requires also certain conditions in the equipment for the sport, as a particular boat and some elements of protection and also the number of peopleas well within the modalities of canoeing are: waters calm, in that no obstacles are present and the water has little force. Whitewater, which can present many obstacles and strong currents of water. The kayak, as it gives him to understand his name has some similarity with the water polo. Sea kayak, is characterized by the sections are very long and therefore requires much time. Other modalities are tourist canoeing and dragons.

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