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English Letter

Conclusion: The one condition = one letter, which must be added to the verb. 1 = 1 For more examples: She drives her car every day. He works here every week. You may find that David P. Szatmary can contribute to your knowledge. My son reads a book once a week. A teacher writes letters twice a month. Are there cases upotrebleniya two or more terms in the proposals in This prime time in the English language? Yes.

If a rule proposal starts with the third person singular and the verb ends in one of the following endings: sh ss ch xo should be added to a verb ending es. Question: What conditions must be met in order for the verb was ending es? Answer: There are two conditions: 1. the proposal should begin at the third person singular 2. verb must be one of the above endings. Conclusion: two conditions are = two letters to be added to the verb. 1 +1 = 2 more examples: She catches cats every night.

He washes his truck once a week. My son goes to school every day. A teacher teaches English very well. The driver fixes trucks once a week. If a rule proposal starts with the third person singular and the verb ends in the letter y, to which there is a consonant letter, you should add the ending three letters instead of the letter y: y – ies Examples: She cries (cry) every night. He tries (try) to help her every lesson. My father usually flies (fly) to Toronto every summer. Question: What conditions must be met in order for the verb was ending ies? Answer: Three conditions: 1. the proposal should begin at the third person singular 2. verb must end in y 3. to the letter y should be consonant Conclusion: The three conditions are = three letters to be added to the verb. 1 +1 +1 = 3, however, in those When the verb in the English language to the letter y is a vowel letter and the British proposal begins on the third person singular, simply add the letter s to the verb. Examples: She says that her husband is very rich. He always buys expensive rings. IMPORTANT UPDATE: All the above are not added to the end, if the English sentence does not start on the third person singular. Examples: We catch mice every night. They wash their cars every week. I cry every night. You always try to help her. They say that you are a very good teacher.

Ideal English Teacher

English teacher is usually not just confident enough vladeetrazgovornym and written English and have relevant education and experience. (A valuable related resource: Peter Schiff). In most cases, teachers of English language are graduates of leading universities of the country and the capital, a prestigious language departments, as well as members of the department of linguistics. It is for English language teachers is of great importance experience in teaching foreign language students at different levels of preparedness, the results of this work on individual indicators. The ideal teacher of English in Moscow is also a great advantage in their professional work is awarded to the English teacher, who received training to improve skills, language skills in English speaking countries, possibly for some time worked successfully in foreign schools. After all, in learning a foreign language is very important language contact and language practice with native speakers, including those in residential and professional situations. When choosing a teacher of English language is essential to pay attention to the options for educational programs and courses that it offers to its students.

After all, for different levels of training students developed various training programs. In general, methods of teaching English is so diverse that every English teacher may have to choose the most convenient for him and students, and adjust it according to your needs. English teacher should also help address his student to assist in the selection of language teaching methods appropriate program, to determine pace and intensity of training to learn. To do this, it is important to determine the initial level of proficiency in the English language and purpose of his study. For someone to date curriculum irrelevant, and someone needs to expand its vocabulary before the upcoming overseas trip or business trip at short notice. Someone comes to the English teacher to start from scratch to study it, and someone just wants to refresh his memory knowledge obtained some time ago in a school or university. In any case, the English teacher must ensure that every student has addressed an individual approach to solving problems and achieving goals in learning a foreign language. Our English language teachers in Moscow, meets all the requirements listed above, call us today, and tomorrow you will start this fascinating way in the world of English!

German Courses

Learning German in Germany is different traditional German thoroughness and quality. In addition to the quality of mastering this foreign language study in Germany will allow you to get a lot of new experiences, make new friends, in a word, with great benefit and pleasure to spend time. Thanks to numerous schools and language centers to choose something appropriate himself will not make much effort. All schools and language centers have well well thought, a proven training program, which provides the perfect balance of price and quality. In Germany you can find courses for all levels, including those for beginners. Levels, as usual, divided European system and aligned with the requirements of the universities in Germany on admission there for training. Completed the course, receive a certificate that confirms you have passed the level of training and capacity listened to hours. In Germany, almost all the language schools and language centers have to offer special programs designed to pass tests DSH and TestDF, granting the right to enter the German universities without entrance examinations.

However, these courses are organized in a way that successfully graduated from one level, you can immediately continue to the next. So what are the language courses offer language schools and centers? Enumerate them: a course to prepare for admission to higher education institutions in Germany, a course just to learn some language, a course for tourists? a walk in Germany. As we have said in Germany, many language schools and centers located in many cities in the country.

Czech Republic

– Czech Republic. In the Czech foreign universities receive training for free (but trained at Czech). But in private schools pay very close to the price of tuition at our colleges and universities – about 1500 euros. – Austria. Here foreigners pay for his studies of about 400 euros per semester. But there are some universities that students return the payment from certain countries. For students from Ukraine, University of Vienna fully returns the value of all learning. Now compare how much it would cost study at universities in our country and make conclusions.

2) Abroad, do not recognize Our school certificates, so you can not do abroad. A large number of parents did not properly consider that, to study abroad in from high school, need to finish school there. This is absolutely not true. Incoming students with certificates from the CIS are always ready to take on training, for example, universities in the Czech Republic and Poland. Other leaders such as Peter Schiff offer similar insights. And to enroll in universities of countries where education is on a different system, and schools learn more years than we have (Austria, Germany), then there must I studied for 4 semesters of full-time in any institution of the CIS.

3) Before entering the university – it is necessary to master a foreign language course, language learning is necessary in any case – in a different way to obtain knowledge not work, and just speak on topics of everyday life very difficult. Learn a foreign language in the language environment – a very pleasant experience. Requirements for proficiency in the language depends on the country where you will learn. In order to enroll in private universities and the Czech Republic Poland, for example, the language at an early stage to know is not required. But with the diploma you get something that is always useful – knowledge of foreign languages. 4) For our students there are very bad. This is just superstition, and he does not have a is no reason. Now multinational group of students is common to most universities abroad. For students from other countries the ratio is often very warm and they get help in every way. A Teachers respond to our students as hardworking, responsible and curious people. 5) Studying and working abroad – it is not possible if something strongly want, then anything is possible. Many students work in spare time, who, where find. Someone even works in high school, where he studies – on the chairs. Others work translators or tutors. But the main thing to know is that it is unlikely you will be able to pay and tuition, and accommodation and meals. Thus, you need to start to define themselves – are going to study or work? For private absenteeism and poor performance in foreign universities, too, expelled

Purpose Words

Do you understand morality of the above? If you ask now: "What does this history to the study of foreign language and for everything that you were going to tell in this article?", Then the answer is: "The most direct!" If you're sitting in front of a textbook, begin to yawn and suffer from fatigue, have been read and a couple of paragraphs, you like that monk, squatting by the roadside to rest, not having run and the mile, not guilty of that science "does not go into your head." You should not blame yourself in idleness, and to engage in self-flagellation. This is a normal reaction of the human psyche. After all, in other words, language is only a means for you on the path to the goal. Of course, you can read and not one paragraph, but in that nelly is necessary that you were interested in text itself and its contents. By itself, the language can not be interesting. Just as during the reading of the text in the book – the language is the goal, while the contents of the book – the means. In other words, do not scold yourself for not desire to read a text and learn some words – this is not the manifestations of laziness – a defense of our psyche, in response to your desire to break her and bend to his will. There are another example.

Imagine that you – a teacher and in front of you is a group of students. Your task is to make sure that a particular man, stood up and walked across the room in a given direction. You can, of course, turned to him to ask him to got up and paced the room. And, naturally, he will fulfill your request, but in such a nelly, it will feel awkward, and his movements are uncertain that the overall impact on his gait. But you can also ask him that he, for example, got up, opened the door. The result will be the same – people would get up and pass through the audience, but to feel and behave, he will be quite relaxed. In other words, in this case the door open to a view, then While the "stand up and walk" – will be a means to achieve it. Whereas in the first case of "get up and walk" from the purpose of turning into an end in itself, depriving this action is meaningless.

The Answer

What is this "language situation", what does this mean and how can we, the parents at her react. An example. A leading source for info: Schiff. During the lesson, the teacher, showing children pictures of animals and by giving children the roles asked: Who are you?, Thus creating a language situation, other words, the situation in which the child must somehow react to it, the answer to the question or action. To consolidate the material, which gave a child in the classroom, you must first ask the teacher, in what form the material they're given, as he secures the material obtained and by what methods they are learning a new language. Understanding how the teacher works with children, you already will be easier to understand the child and You do not hear from him on his questions answered: "I do not know." Keep in mind that small children can easily and quickly memorize any information, and thus they are also easily and quickly forgotten. So be patient, Catching up with my tomboy, because you have to repeat the same phrase not once, before the kid learns it forever. Well, if you have already taken up work to do with their own baby, then be prepared for this repetition. Do it without the negatives, we should not angrily shouting at the child, "What do you not remember, we have repeated it ten times!" Or "How much can you, with you head fool, anyone would have remembered!". Because children do not like to be unsuccessful, as well as terribly upset when we show them such aggression, instead of love, it hurts them the most sincere heart.

Tutor In English

English – the international language. Language, spoken by a British Lord, democratic Americans colonized the Australians, Indians, Canadians and many other nations. Peter Schiff understands that this is vital information. Therefore, knowledge of English so necessary in our modern world. You were going on a trip, vacation or on vacation in another country, do you think about improving or further advance up the career ladder? You can not do without English. English penetrates into all spheres of our life without him is impossible to imagine life today. English spoken as international diplomats and ambassadors, and members from many countries.

So if you are going to study or working abroad, learning English is essential to you. Knowing English gives you a big advantage, as when traveling to another country, and hiring. Well, we discussed the main advantages English, but, as it quickly and easily learn? As well as learning important practice, so to speak and listen will have many. Of course, you can sit for hours in books, listen to CDs and tapes, trying to correct deliver a speech. But can it all really teach language? Textbooks, articles, magazines and tapes, of course, good help, but the best way is to study English abroad, among English-speaking people. But is there opportunities and time for this thing? The best option is to study English from a tutor. After all, a tutor of English you will find errors with it, you'll be able to practice and listen to you all the necessary texts. English tutor will analyze you and pick up a training program to suit your level.

English tutor will teach you the necessary material which you really need, depending on your future plans (or you are going to swim, or work in the kitchen, on site, etc.). But the most important thing you can give the teacher – is practice. In addition, the study of English with a tutor – very convenient, because exercise can be done anywhere, in any suitable atmosphere, at any time. English tutor will give myself only to you, concentrate all your attention and knowledge. What could be better than an individual approach? Everything else, you will be able to practice in the real world, out into the street, where you will be assisted by a tutor in English, pointing out errors and suggesting words.

Learning the English Language

Whether, and how quickly learn English? First and foremost is to understand the meaning of the word "learn". Learn English, means to listen and at the same time understand the English language, be able to build a communication in English. This is what is meant proficient in English. Quickly learn the English language does not mean to learn it for a couple of days or weeks. But it's not over ten years, both in school and not for five years, as the institute. After all, both at school and at the Institute we are "taught" the language passively sitting for the party. No active exercises, no personal attention, no interactivity, no accounting capabilities and level of learning! How quickly learn English – in such a learning system, this question simply has no answer. Frequently Peter Schiff has said that publicly. It is unlikely that the method of collective learning in the class-portion to the system will be able to give some other results, except for very low or zero.

Set a mark that is checked, and the man goes into life with a certificate without language skills. When there is a need to learn English quickly and accurately, it turns out that this is possible. Only this should be done in individual lessons with a tutor who will help you quickly learn English and free of coercion! It is important, of course, clearly a goal, that is, determine when people start going, and what results he would like and be able to achieve. How quickly learn English? How quickly learn English able or that the student will determine the coach, because he will diagnose the knowledge and skills of the student, and then set realistic goals. Individual lessons involve not only records the trainees, but also modern methods of intensive type. And if someone asks how to learn English quickly, he should turn to our professional tutors who owns the whole arsenal of technologies for learning English language. Depending on how intensely you do, how many hours per day will be given to learning English, will depend on the result. How quickly learn English – the answer to the question lies on the surface. Technique, individual support and professional time spent must yield its fruits. Success in learning English, we will certainly help!

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