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Ruben Gonzalez

On the other hand, Mexican mythology mentions that the Aztecs came from AZTLAN or ATLAN which means: place surrounded by water. Atlantis Word somehow reached the old America, Egypt and Greece. The Atl root did not exist, according to the modern philology, in any other language than in the nahua of the old Mexico. Its meaning is: water. It exists in the pre-Columbian Codex Borgia the figure of the ATLANTEOTL that load on his shoulders the Cosmos, exactly the same as the Greek Atlas. In figure, name and symbol, Atlas is exact copy of Atlanteotl (and by removing the ending otl we atlante). In addition, in the Mayan book of Chilam Balam is expressed: and then, in one fell swoop of the waters, the waters arrived.

And when it was stolen the great serpent collapsed the firmament and the Earth sank. Then the four gods, destroyed it the four Bacab around and in the introduction to the Mayan book called Popol Vuh: what will draw the light because it no longer has the vision of the Popol Vuh, which saw the coming of the other side of the sea, of our life in the darkness, and the vision of the dawn of the vida. Finally, the myth of the five Suns or five major eras of humanity, embodied in the famous Aztec calendar of Tenoxtitlan we find between the Aztecs and ancient peoples of Mexico. He relates that the children of the sun room were swallowed by the waters and became fish, and that continued began the Fifth Sun, the current era.

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